5 Tips For Asset Tracking System


Here are 5 things to consider when choosing an asset tracking system:

  1. Mobile Access ‐ You really want an asset tracking system that your users can access from the mobile devices they already have. Make sure that it is easy to download and it is free! You will also want an asset tracking system that will allow you and your users to be able to track assets in real time.
  2. Secure cloud – You will want your users to have access anywhere at any time. This way you won’t have to install any software on your computers or host any servers. You want to get updates as they come out, this way you don’t have to pay for them or wait.
  3. Easy ‐ You will want a system that is easy to work with, you don’t want to have to hire a developer. Also, make sure that it is easy to configure. It’s a good idea to get an asset tracking system with an open API, so that if you are currently using a system, it’s easy to integrate the two. All of those factors are going to help with minimal time investment on your part.
  4. Notification – You want the ability to receive notifications and alerts. Especially if your assets are going to move around, if employees are checking things in and out, you will need to be receiving real-time notifications.
  5. Pricing ‐ You want to choose a system that has price per asset. You don’t want to find yourself paying for expensive scanners, printers, and other equipment. Another thing to be aware of with pricing, you don’t want to get into hidden fees for upgrading users, adding locations or for any account management fees that they throw in. A final point on pricing is that you want to look for promotions and discounts. Choose a company that has a discount for paying annually, that way you just pay once per year and you’re done!

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Jeremy Vest

Jeremy has over 15 years of experience in the video marketing and advertising space, founded his own video production agency, and currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Braille Skateboarding.

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