5 Ways to Use a QR Printer to Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

In today’s digital world, many companies do their business online. Why get a QR printer if the business world is following this trend?

First off, there are still many physical aspects of a business. Whether you’re investing in print advertisements or selling products, not everything can translate to the digital world.


Apply QR Codes to Marketing Campaigns

QR codes are the perfect compliment to your marketing campaigns. If someone sees an ad or some of your custom content and wants to take action, it’s much easier to scan a code and go to a webpage than to look for it manually. If you have a specific action you want your target audience to take, consider implementing targeted QR codes with each of your campaigns.

Use a QR Printer to Include Codes with Product Sales

One of the best ways to boost your bottom line is to create repeat customers. When someone has already bought your product, it shows they have an interest in what you have to offer. Having a high-quality QR printer makes it easy for you to mass produce codes to include in your product shipments. Provide coupons or deals to current customers and you’ll see a growth in repeat sales.

Know When to Use QR Codes and Printers

Scanning QR codes can take some time. Avoid using codes in video, where the screen flashes and the code may only stay on the screen for a few seconds. If your audience has to spend too much effort trying to scan a code, they’re more likely to give up and try something else than stick with it. Keep your QR codes in print and digital format where people have as much time as they need to scan the code.

Track Scanned QR Codes to Get Location and Usage Data

Each code generated through QR technology has unique identifiers. This means you can track every time someone scans one of your codes. Being able to track unique QR codes will give you a lot of usage data that you can use to inform future marketing campaigns. When you know who, and where, your audience is, you can spend more time targeting their specific pain points.

Implement Data from QR Codes to Create Targeted Offers

Once you have a good sample size, you can create targeted offers to drive more traffic where it will benefit you. Over time, the data you’ve collected from your QR codes will give you a plethora of demographic information. This will tell you if your estimates about who is using your product or service are correct or if you need to change your methods. Once you have better insight into who needs what you have to offer, you can target your offers in such a way to make it speak to them and drive results.

Each of these methods is easier when you have a QR printer to create QR codes wherever you need them. One of the features of Asset Panda’s tracking software allows you to create custom codes that will help wherever you need them. Whether you speed up asset tracking by using QR codes to store and transmit data, track incoming traffic, or bring in new readers, our platform can help you through the whole process.

Try out the QR code aspect of our software and more by taking a free guided tour today!


Bree Brouwer

Bree has held plenty of media- and marketing-related jobs over the years now, like working as a PR and marketing assistant to a Hollywood screenwriting coach, and writing content for three different digital marketing agencies.

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