A Fixed Asset Tracking System Can Give Your Company a Leg Up on the IoT

We’re moving into a world in which the Internet of Things will become the reality, and a fixed asset tracking system provides a hint as to what that world will look like. In today’s business environment, fixed assets -- or items that allow companies to earn revenue, like IT equipment, office furniture, real estate and vehicles – are tagged for identification and tracking purposes. In the past, companies relied upon staff to manually track the movement of these assets. At best, that’s a difficult, labor-intensive task. At worst, it’s also error-prone and potentially expensive. It’s all too easy to make a typo, overlook an item or commit some other mistake, and that can result in miscalculations, fines at tax time, or unnecessary asset orders or replacements. Assets can go MIA for months while an unknowing company continues to pay insurance for them. Although not all companies have kicked Excel spreadsheets to the curb, many have thanks to modern technology. A fixed asset tracking system today more commonly involves software, barcode labels and handheld asset scanners. That’s a huge improvement from manual processes, of course, but mobile technology has ushered in an even more efficient way to track your vital assets – and Asset Panda demonstrates the best practices in the industry today.

With Asset Panda, your fixed asset tracking system lives in the palm of your hand. Using your smartphone or tablet, you simply pull up Asset Panda’s free mobile iOS or Android app, which includes a mobile barcode scanner. There’s no need for additional hardware or software, and you won’t need a separate handheld barcode scanner. Everything you need to access the complete lifecycle of every one of your fixed assets is within reach – and because our free apps sync with the cloud, your data is served up in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We all know the Murphy’s Law of the workplace: Urgent needs only seem to occur after hours, right? Asset Panda gives you the ability to obtain the information you need, anytime, anywhere. And you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge, in contrast to some of our competitors who place a cap on users. Subsequently, you can bring all of your stakeholders – everyone who touches a particular asset – into the communication loop. You increase transparency, accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization. And, perhaps more important, you provide better customer service.

Another one of Asset Panda’s key differentiators is its customizable features. This powerful tool was built to give companies of every industry and size the ability to track their assets exactly how they want. A custom dashboard, custom fields, notifications and alerts, reports, security settings, user configurable views, custom asset listing view, a calendar feature, custom forms and sortable columns allow you to display data in the way that makes sense to your organization. Asset Panda is also incredibly flexible, allowing easy import and export of reports, creation of work orders, the ability to link groups of data, built-in search and so much more.

Despite being the most powerful fixed asset tracking system in the world, Asset Panda couldn’t be simpler to use. It requires no special training to understand. Within seconds, even the most technologically challenged users can access the exact location of any asset, its check-in/check-out status, insurance policy information, lease/purchase information and maintenance history. Schedule work orders and even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk to reduce your support call volume. Best of all, Asset Panda is flexible enough to adapt as your needs change in the future.

Asset Panda helps organizations take the first critical step toward the Internet of Things by giving them the capacity to track their equipment using a flexible tool designed to incorporate new technologies as they become prevalent. Try it free for 14 days: go to assetpanda.com to get started.

Courtney Roush

Courtney Roush is a freelance writer, editor, and communications strategist with 25 years of experience. Her favorite discipline is crisis communications – and it’s a highly relevant one in our present times.

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