An Accurate Hospital Asset Tracking System Delivers Far-Reaching Benefits

Securing an accurate hospital asset tracking system is absolutely vital for healthcare institutions – today more than ever. The conglomeration of major entities, and the sheer volume of equipment, tools and technology maintained by your average hospital, are staggering. Once you begin to consider that each of those medical assets is tied to a barcode, a service contract and a maintenance history, and that many of those devices move throughout the hospital to serve various patients, it’s not difficult to understand why a powerful, easy-to-use system is a must. In perhaps no other industry is accurate, real-time data more important.

An accurate hospital asset tracking system has obvious benefits for patients – after all, when lives are on the line, you can’t afford not to know where your equipment is – but it also has far-reaching benefits for staff and administration. Your physicians, nurses, techs and aides don’t have to waste time searching for the equipment they need when that information is always within reach. A real-time asset tracking tool also helps eliminate the frustration of running out of the supplies you need. Staff can focus on what they do best, unencumbered by outdated, inefficient process. That boosts your employee satisfaction and retention. Additionally, administration can make better decisions about inventory and distribution of medical devices. That knowledge helps cut down on waste, lost revenue and guesswork. In the long term, because health care is such a competitive industry, when hospitals are able to eliminate waiting times, provide better patient outcomes and raise the bar both on patient safety and satisfaction, the payoff can be significant.

Traditional manual spreadsheets won’t work for hospitals, nor will a lot of cumbersome software asset tracking products. If your data isn’t up to the minute, or if you’re not able to access it anytime, anywhere, it’s time for a better system. The complexities of modern healthcare institutions require a powerful, yet simple to use mobile solution. And that’s where Asset Panda comes in.

Asset Panda’s free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud and require no additional hardware, software or software licenses to use. The apps include a mobile barcode scanner, and clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional fee. The idea is to bring every single stakeholder in the lifecycle of your assets into the communication loop, keeping the conversation going and increasing both accountability and accuracy throughout the organization. All you need to use Asset Panda is the smartphone or tablet you already carry, or use the web app, if you wish. This cloud-based system serves up the real-time information you need 24 hours a day, including such data as check-in/check-out status, insurance policy expiration, lease/purchase details, maintenance history, depreciation/inflation figures, and more. Hospitals are able to make more informed decisions about equipment allocation, servicing and replacement.

With Asset Panda, valuable resources don’t pile up unused at one location while another location is in need. This powerful tracking and management tool helps eliminate lost or stolen assets, often referred to as “ghost assets,” that fall through the cracks while they continue to cost your organization money. Hospitals also can use Asset Panda to track patients and personnel and pharmaceutical inventory. Collectively, these greater efficiencies empower hospitals to focus their resources where they’re needed most: on providing the best possible patient care.

Asset Panda allows clients to customize their data according to their individual needs, and is flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they evolve in the fast-paced healthcare industry. The app couldn’t be easier to use and requires no extensive training to master.

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