Automated Android Asset Tracking Preps Companies for IoT


One of the most daunting challenges faced by any large organization is likely to be Android asset tracking. That’s especially true for companies supported by thousands of employees in multiple geographic locations. An organization’s success in managing its Android asset tracking efforts will have a direct effect on its bottom line. The term “Android asset tracking” refers to some of the most common company-issued fixed assets: Android smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. Most of these fixed assets move throughout the organization with employees as they attend meetings, company and industry events, travel for business or head home to complete more work in the evenings. These expensive assets, among any company’s biggest investments, are not surprisingly among the most vulnerable to theft and loss. Thanks to the wealth of data stored on these devices, these assets also may place a company at risk for a security breach.

For all of these reasons – and the fact that technology is the backbone of nearly every company these days – accurate, reliable Android asset tracking has never been more critical. Forward-thinking organizations recognize that they must be able to track where their IT assets are supposed to be at any given time, along with the identity of who is using them and the respective conditions of those assets.

Manual Asset Tracking = Human Error

Before technology provided us with the means to automate Android asset tracking, we largely depended upon manual asset tracking methods. It’s little wonder, then, that expensive IT assets occasionally fell through the cracks, stolen or lost but not reported. Finding any asset meant you’d have to get on the phone and start making calls to hunt it down. Excel spreadsheets, the most commonly used manual asset tracking method – and one that’s still used by many companies today – aren’t easy to maintain. Not only do they require employees to key in barcode numbers, which can result in human error. Employees may simply forget to keep those spreadsheets up to date. It’s also difficult to make a reservation for any asset using these methods.

The Convenience of Automation

Android asset tracking removes the human element and keeps track of your fixed assets in real time. They’re designed to close the communication loop among all asset stakeholders and remove the guesswork and frustration traditionally associated with manual asset tracking. With the greater transparency android asset tracking provides, employees can make a reservation for an asset ad determine its check-in date along with the identity of the employee who currently has it.

IoT: How Android Asset Tracking Prepares Your Company

For any organization that still uses Excel to track IT and other fixed assets, another reason to consider an Android asset tracking platform is the Internet of Things. As early as 10 years ago, a report issued by McKinsey & Company forecasted the widespread adoption of this technology. Fast forward to 2020, and an article published in talks about the continued transformation of our landscape by IoT, particularly around Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and SaaS, or Software as a Service. Organizations’ ability to successfully implement IoT will depend largely upon compatibility with their existing applications. Asset Panda’s flexible, customizable mobile app is easily integrated with your current systems and is simple to use, requiring no extensive training to get up to speed. We help organizations take the first critical step toward the Internet of Things by giving them the capacity to track their equipment using a flexible tool designed to incorporate new technologies as they become prevalent.


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