What’s the Big Deal With Asset Barcoding?

Asset tracking has come a long way! Gone are the days of convoluted ledgers and mistyped shared electronic spreadsheets. When it comes to tracking, asset barcoding is the simplest, most accurate and cost-effective way to get immediate access to relevant data.

As companies search for ways to save money and make employees more accountable when it comes to asset tracking, asset barcoding is making quite an impact and companies are taking notice. Workers no longer have to go out in the field carrying cumbersome clipboards, pens, and paper to make notes for later data entry. No more carrying around expensive cameras to take pictures of assets which have to be uploaded later back at the office. And most importantly, no more not knowing where your assets are and who has them. Asset tracking technology has brought all of those processes into one central location, accessible anytime from anywhere.

Asset management that utilizes bar codes is giving companies and their employees something that has been lacking in the previous methods of tracking – power. By having a way to instantly record data using the simple scan of a barcode, companies have the power to track assets from anywhere on mobile devices and capture a plethora of information.

The lines and patterns on a barcode are actual representations of numbers and data. It allows basic information about a product to be easily read by a barcode scanner, which is a built-in feature in many of today’s asset tracking platforms. With one click, relevant data is automatically recorded in the cloud into a central database. Barcodes have been proven to reduce the time it takes to record information and eliminates the potential for human error.

When your barcode scanner is tied to an asset tracking app, the entire life cycle of each of your vital assets lives in the palm of your hand. Barcodes hold a wealth of information and that data can be used to discover a number of things about an asset:
  • Find out where an asset is
  • Find out who has a particular asset
  • Check in/check out of assets
  • Receive a complete maintenance and repair history on an asset
  • Leasing/contract information
  • Usage guides
  • Save photos, video notes, or create alerts

One of the great benefits of asset barcoding is the customization factor. From custom templates to different types and styles of labels depending on the product, barcoding is no longer a one-type-fits-all. That customization should also be reflected in the software as a whole. From custom dashboards to custom fields and sortable columns, many software programs also come with custom notifications, alerts and reports; the ability to create work orders; create unlimited custom actions, and much more.

The combination of tracking technology with asset barcoding capabilities provide immediate, real-time and accurate results; eliminates the inefficiency and potential for error associated with manual asset tracking; and saves companies time and money while promoting accountability among its employees.

Asset Panda’s powerful tracking platform is recognized as a leader when it comes to asset tracking. Asset Panda’s free mobile apps sync with the cloud and include a built-in barcode scanner using employees’ own mobile devices. Users are not required to purchase any extra equipment or expensive hardware in order to track their assets by using bar codes. Access your data anytime, anywhere within seconds. Enter and view information as to where an asset is and who has it, check in/check out status, maintenance schedule, purchase/lease information, depreciation statistics, and so much more.

From a cost savings standpoint, with Asset Panda, your asset tracking system doesn’t require the service or replacement associated with handheld barcode scanners. Employees are able to cut back on wasted time (and money) searching for lost assets or trying to remember the last time a piece of equipment was serviced.

It all adds up in the end. Our users will agree -- asset barcoding is definitely saving their companies both time and money. Get in on the savings for yourself with a free 14-day trial of Asset Panda.


Audra London

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