Asset Free Management Software Takes the Headache Out of Busy Holiday Season

It doesn’t matter how many fixed assets you own; asset free management software can save your organization significant and measurable time and money. Every company wants to use its resources wisely and maximize the lifespan of its fixed assets – in particular, its expensive IT equipment. Unfortunately, all too many organizations continue to rely on manual tracking methods. When an employee or employees attempt to manage a company’s fixed assets using either an Excel spreadsheet or pen and paper, errors are inevitable. Even the most detail-oriented staff member can commit the occasional typo or oversight. If you’ve got multiple employees on the task, you’ve got more opportunity for error, and their respective records can’t be consolidated. Another factor to consider is that many of your assets change hands frequently, and every asset is attached to specific data like a warranty, insurance policy, maintenance history, etc. There are a lot of moving parts to track. When it comes time to report the values of your fixed assets for accounting and compliance purposes, if your record keeping isn’t accurate, further mistakes, confusion, and guesswork occur, sometimes followed by fines and other penalties.

During the holiday season perhaps more than any other, you’re busy. Depending upon the nature of your business, you may be gearing up for special promotions or events. Your employees may have additional equipment needs, and there’s probably a lot of assets moving throughout your company. All the more reason, then, for you to consider implementing asset free management software. The right product can automate the tedious, error-prone task of manual record keeping, help you curb waste, theft, and loss, and focus on your other business priorities.

The advantages of an asset free management software system are overwhelming. First, you’ll no longer have to chase down assets that have fallen through the cracks. Everything is tracked, so you know in seconds the exact location of an item, the identity of the person who has it, and its condition as well as its maintenance history. An asset free management system also makes it far easier to stay on top of equipment maintenance schedules, which, in turn, helps prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. You’re able to track asset values with confidence, so you know the information you supply to your accounting and compliance teams is accurate. An efficient tracking system can eliminate theft and loss, as well as “ghost assets.” When an asset leaves your inventory, your records automatically update. You’re able to analyze assets at multiple locations throughout your organizations, create a risk management plan and make more informed decisions about your asset needs and allocation.

Asset Panda empowers you to perform all of these functions using only the smartphone or tablet you already carry. Using our free mobile iOS or Android app, you can track an item’s exact location, condition, maintenance history, depreciation and so much more. Our completely customizable features allow you to display your data exactly how you want, create and issue reports, set up alerts and notifications, and establish security settings based on user, location and other criteria.

This extremely powerful, yet intuitive asset free management software requires no special training to master and lets you add as many users as you want – without charging you a fee. No additional hardware or software is needed to use Asset Panda; the app even includes a mobile barcode scanner. And, because Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, you can rest assured that your data is always up to date and accessible any time of day or night.

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