Asset Inventory Tracking


Asset inventory tracking is one of the most important tasks facing any modern organization, regardless of size or industry.

Your organization depends upon a large inventory of vital assets every day – from IT equipment and office supplies to furniture and real estate; yet many companies remain unaware of the fixed assets they own.

The importance of asset inventory tracking

When it comes time to locate one of those assets, what usually occurs is a frustrating search to determine who has the item, if you can find it at all. Once you do locate it, if the item has fallen through the cracks, so to speak, it could be in disrepair due to failure to keep it on a regular maintenance schedule.

The wasted time and money in this scenario can add up quickly, mainly when it reflects a more significant issue of poor or absent asset inventory tracking procedures.

Accurate reporting of fixed assets is vital to the health of any organization. Mismanagement has a direct effect on bottom-line revenues. Companies that do have an asset tracking system in place often fall victim to human error, either through reporting inaccuracies or simple omissions.

That's because traditional asset tracking procedures typically involve manually entering items onto Excel spreadsheets. Keeping those spreadsheets up to date is a labor-intensive task, and it might be shared by multiple employees who don't regularly communicate with one another. Employee turnover and job reorganization could result in missing entries, duplication of effort, and/or conflicting information.

Asset Panda's asset and inventory management system

Asset Panda is consistently voted the #1 asset tracking software that harnesses the power of the cloud and mobile technology to give clients an easy yet powerful way to track their assets any way they want.

Our free Android and iOS apps sync with the cloud and eliminate the need for additional software and hardware. The app includes a mobile barcode scanner, which means everything you need to reference the entire lifecycle of every one of your vital assets is in the palm of your hand via your smartphone or tablet.

This 100% customizable asset inventory tracking platform allows users to display information in the way that makes the most sense to their respective organizations. They can create custom fields, notifications, and reports and even issue work orders through the mobile app.

Asset Panda displays vital data such as:

  • check-in/check-out status
  • maintenance schedules
  • purchase/lease information
  • service contract information
  • expiration dates
  • insurance policy information
  • and much more

Unlike some of our competitors, every Asset Panda account is a premium account, so every one of our clients enjoys access to powerful features like mobile audit/GPS tracking, full integration with the web app, custom dashboard, user configurable views, the ability to create work orders and include multiple users with different security settings on web and mobile. And, while Asset Panda is the most insightful asset tracking platform on the market, it's simple to use.

When you can trust the integrity of your asset-related information, you can rest assured that the data your accounting and compliance teams depend on is accurate. You cut wasted time and money off your bottom line.

You can hold your assets to a maintenance schedule that ensures you get the maximum mileage from your investments. Lost or stolen equipment no longer has the opportunity to fall through the cracks simply, nor are you paying for ghost assets no longer in your inventory.

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