How Academic Institutions Can Benefit From Asset Maintenance Software

Educational institutions rely on a budget to meet the needs of their students, including keeping assets up-to-date and ready for their use. This is why almost all schools and campuses can benefit from using an asset maintenance software program to make the most of the funds available to them.

For example, when you work with many students, it can be difficult to know what to expect. Some might treat your assets with respect, but others may be tempted to walk off with certain big-ticket items. Even if most students aren't tempted to take school property, they might not care about keeping your assets in the best shape.

Sending your educational assets in for regular maintenance will keep them working at top performance and prevent any students from getting the wrong idea. Here are a few ways which tracking maintenance can benefit your institution.


"Software tracking can help you see which assets are in high demand and which aren't being used at all."


Make Your Assets Last Longer by Tracking Maintenance

Slow-performing electronics can make it difficult for students to get their schoolwork done on time. In addition, assets that change hands often are subject to more wear and tear than those used by a smaller number of people. Tracking asset maintenance and tune-up can help your organization ensure that all the electronics, teaching aids, and school property are performing as expected. You won't need to replace your assets as often, which will save you money in your yearly budget.

Keep Your Assets in Good Shape With Asset Maintenance Software

Depending on the age of your students, they might not understand how to properly take care of valuable assets. Even students with good intentions might not know what happens if you're too rough with tablets or if you don't properly file school papers. Asset maintenance software can help you track asset conditions and alert you when certain assets need a tune-up. Fixing your assets is likely to cost less than having to constantly replace them.

Track Asset Details With the Right Platform

Asset maintenance isn't the only thing you can track with the right software platform. You'll also be able to see who is using a specific asset, how long they've had it, and why they need it. Software tracking can help you see which assets are in high demand and which aren't being used at all. When it comes time to review your budget, you can be sure to purchase assets your school actually needs.

Asset Panda can help your educational institution make the most of its asset budget, as our platform makes it easy for you to catalog and organize your assets. You'll be able to see all related information, and you won't have to spend more time than necessary trying to track them down.

One of our clients uses Asset Panda to track the iPads and learning books they check out to their students. Before, they were using Excel Spreadsheets to monitor who was using their devices. This cost them a lot in terms of time necessary to keep their asset records updated. Asset Panda has helped make their tracking process more efficient through barcodes and check-out notifications to automatically remind students of equipment due dates.

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