Asset Maintenance Software Makes Your Practice Safer for Patients

As a healthcare provider, your facilities and assets need to be in top condition so you can provide the best quality of care to your patients. Asset maintenance software can help ensure your medical equipment and treatment rooms are in the best condition possible. You'll also save time by avoiding confusion about which rooms have been recently cleaned or what tools need to go in for maintenance.

Here are a few ways in which maintenance software can enhance the quality of care you deliver to your patients.

Receive Updates When Your Assets Need Maintenance

When you see a number of patients on a daily basis, your assets go through some wear and tear. If you don't send your medical equipment, scanning devices, or room environments in for maintenance, your patients will have to be treated with substandard equipment. This can cause them to doubt your skills and might lead them to seek treatment elsewhere. You can set up your maintenance software to send you notifications when your assets are due for a tune-up, so your equipment doesn't have any chance of falling into disrepair.

Use Asset Maintenance Software to Comply with Health and Safety Regulations

One of the most important parts of running a successful healthcare practice is making sure your facilities comply with health and safety requirements. Patients come to you with personal, potentially serious health concerns. They need to be sure they will be safe in your practice as they come to you for advice. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires clinicians to have procedures in place for potential concerns and to deal with biohazardous materials in a safe way. Asset maintenance software makes it easy for you to track these regulations and identify what assets are subject to them.

Reduce Asset Turnover by Keeping Them Maintained

Medical equipment can get expensive, and when you need to keep a number of machines on hand, you need to make the most out of what you have. You can't afford to constantly replace machines that are breaking down or starting to malfunction. Asset maintenance software is a great way to implement preventative maintenance in your practice. You can set up your program to remind you to schedule asset maintenance on a regular basis. This also helps you identify potential issues in equipment long before they stop working during a patient visit.

Asset Panda is a great way to keep your medical equipment, tools, and other assets maintained and safe. You can use our platform to reduce the amount of time you spend checking on tune-up dates and regulation requirements. Our flexible interface makes it possible for you to track a variety of information in a way that makes sense to your specific medical practice. You can keep all of your devices sterilized and ready for patient use with little required from you directly. You can set up notifications which will remind you what actions need to be taken at any given time.

One of our clients uses Asset Panda to track cleaning and sterilization for their dental offices. Our interface makes it possible for them to keep their practice safe and clean, giving their patients an overall better quality of care.

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