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Most companies have several departments they need to keep track of at any given time. Many have assets they require to fill orders, produce goods, and keep the business running. Others have product inventory to keep track of in order to fulfill customer satisfaction. Most companies understand the importance of an asset management inventory system. Losing track of assets makes it difficult for you and your employees to locate the equipment and tools they need to get their job done. On the other hand, losing track of product inventory can cause a variety of problems for your customers. Anything that makes it harder for your customers to buy from you increases the risk of losing repeat business.

Depending on the company, you might use different systems for tracking assets and controlling inventory. An asset database will help you keep tabs on all of your equipment, tools, and other valuable items your business owns. Inventory tracking systems help you keep data on how much product you have on hand at any given moment, measure your profit and loss, and obtain product data over time. Some businesses have employees who work solely on managing inventory and assets to ensure the company doesn't lose their investment.

But why not use a system that helps you track both? After all, using one software for multiple areas of your business will help your pocketbook stay a little fatter. Using the same program for multiple functions also decreases the need for system training, giving your employees more time for other tasks.

Using a system for asset management inventory can help you keep track of your assets and product inventory. Both product and assets are important parts of your inventory and must be monitored to use your investment effectively. You need the product to bring in money, and you need your assets to keep your workflow running smoothly.

Having the right system in place can help you in several ways:

Automate Tracking

Many companies have an entire department dedicated to stock and inventory. Imagine the man hours and wages you could save by automating that process. Technology makes it easy for you to track your product and assets in a manner of minutes instead of hours or days.

Locate Assets and Inventory in a Flash

We've all had days where we've lost our keys, phone, wallet, or even our minds. Many of us have those days at work as well. This lost time can cause delays in several departments, which translates to lost money for your business. When you know exactly where your assets and product are located, you don't have to spend time chasing down the right employee or looking everywhere you can think of to get what you need.

Collect Data Over Time

When it comes to product, you need to know what sells well and which items are bringing your department down. Asset data can also help you see what equipment you need more of, and which tools you don't need to keep around anymore.

Asset Panda is the perfect software for an asset management inventory system. Our flexible software makes it easy for you to track the variety of product your shelves hold, as well as keep track of assets at any given moment.

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