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Trying to get a handle on your asset management and inventory tracking? If you’ve been relying on manual procedures, you’ve probably got a paper trail of conflicting numbers and assorted mistakes: a missed number, a random typo, duplication of effort among employees and general confusion. Even the most organized and well-intentioned employee is going to make a mistake with an Excel spreadsheet or pen and paper. Asset management and inventory tracking are simply too important to leave to chance. Your fixed assets and inventory carry value, and those values must be reported for accounting and compliance purposes. When you can’t count on your recordkeeping, guesswork is what often results. Mistakes lead to fines, ghost assets, overpayment on insurance and taxes and more wasted revenue.

Assets and inventory aren’t interchangeable; they’re actually two different concepts. Assets refer to fixed assets or items that help you generate income, but which aren’t sold. Yet, they hold value. Good examples are office furniture, IT assets, real estate and vehicles. You need all of these things to run your business, and many of those items – IT assets chief among them – require periodic maintenance in order to run efficiently. Inventory, on the other hand, refers to the parts or products you’re manufacturing and/or selling for income. Knowing how much inventory to carry at any one time requires analysis of buying patterns and seasonal conditions. Inventory management refers to your quantities and their respective locations, whether everything is under one roof or distributed among multiple locations. It includes tracking such things as returns and replenishment. It’s a fine balance; an overstocking or understocking situation can be harmful to an organization’s bottom line.

Whether you have fixed assets, inventory or both to manage, there aren’t enough hours in the day to stay on top of these moving targets. That’s why most companies – even small ones – invest in some sort of asset management inventory system. When you’re managing your assets and inventory the right way, you save time and money while maximizing their use.

Asset Panda can help you kill two birds with one stone – asset management and inventory – in one incredibly simple to use, yet extremely powerful platform. Everything you need to track and manage your assets and inventory is as near as your smartphone or tablet. The free Asset Panda iOS and Android apps eliminate the need for any additional hardware, software or expensive software licenses, and they include a mobile barcode scanner. Because the app syncs with the cloud, your data is always delivered to you in real time. Add as many users as you’d like at no additional charge. Bringing everyone into the asset and inventory management conversation increases accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization.

From the palm of your hand, you can track an item’s exact location, check-in/check-out status, depreciation, insurance policy and warranty information, lease/purchase information, the identity of the person who currently has the item, the item’s condition, and complete maintenance history. Create work orders, custom reports, and alerts and set up customized security settings based on location or respective user levels. All features are customizable, so you arrange your data exactly how you want it. Every Asset Panda receives full access to our entire features offering, and our platform is flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available.

You won’t need any special training to master this tool; it’s intuitive with a simple user interface. In one centralized location, you’ve got anytime access to the data that keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently. And it’s offered at a price point that ranks among the industry’s most competitive.

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