Getting a Grasp on Asset Management Mobile Capabilities

Today’s business environment has become more mobile than ever before. Companies are relying on their employees to be responsible for their work no matter where they are. When it comes to asset management, technology is keeping up with the mobile trend as well. Asset management mobile capabilities have come a very long way. Gone are the days of pen and paper and online spreadsheets to track assets.

There is no room for guesswork these days. It’s vital that a company knows what assets they have, where they are and the condition they are in. Without that basic information, companies are facing the real possibility of losing thousands of dollars replacing equipment and tools that are thought to be lost or stolen. And their employees are losing hours of valuable work time searching for assets or trying to find replacements for items that weren’t kept up with, are in for service unexpectedly, or are no longer viable.

Yes, technology can be very scary at times. Especially when you have that “we’ve always done it this way” thinking regarding asset tracking. But today’s asset management mobile options have completely streamlined and made the process incredibly easy to adopt.

Employees are using their smartphones and tablets to conduct business out in the field. It’s rare to interact with someone who brings their laptop or a clipboard to record data or take down information. Users can instantly upload data and take photos and/or videos to go along with each project/job site and the tools needed.

If an employee needs a certain tool or piece of equipment for a job, they can easily access the data already uploaded to asset tracking software and see where it is, who has it, when it’s due back in service or if it needs maintenance. There’s no searching around the office or warehouse. And no excuse for going out to a job without the equipment they need.

For companies that manage inventory, expensive handheld scanners do not capture near the amount of detail that today’s asset management mobile platforms do. They can scan barcodes from anywhere and that data is instantly uploaded to a single, secure location that can be accessed anytime by any designated user. No more typing in long lines of SKU numbers and the risk of errors if they enter them incorrectly.

If asset management mobile capabilities are important to you – and they should be – here are some other key factors you should keep in mind when looking at the available options:

Intuitive and User-Friendly
Look for a platform that can keep up with your needs and change as your needs change, yet is still intuitive and user-friendly enough that anyone can use it. If your team is intimidated by the software and there’s extensive and complicated training, chances are that your employees won’t use it.

Track, Manage, Support Assets in One Central Place
A good asset management mobile platform allows you to reference, update, report, support, and audit your assets on the go. It gives your team the freedom to work however is most convenient. The platform should enable users to have access to their assets’ most up-to-date history and choose applicable actions directly from the mobile app.

Accountability is Key
Find a platform that allows users to upload images, videos, voice notes, and documents relevant to each asset to have the most current information available. Select a platform that allows unlimited users at no extra charge. This enables all designated users to collaborate in real time to promote accountability and transparency every step of the way.

Asset Panda has developed the world’s most powerful asset management mobile solution. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, so your data is always accessible in real time 24 hours a day. You no longer need to wait until you’re back in the office to check on the status of an item. The app also includes a mobile barcode scanner, which eliminates the need for a separate handheld barcode scanner. In fact, no additional hardware or software is required to use Asset Panda – only the mobile devices you and your employees already carry. That’s big savings right there!

From the palm of your hand, you can monitor an asset’s check-in/check-out status, completely maintenance history, insurance policy information, the exact location and condition of an item and who has it, lease/purchase information, and much more. Importing and exporting data is easy, as is all functionality within Asset Panda. You won’t need any special training to master it. Features are completely customizable, adapting to how you work.

Choosing an asset management mobile platform like Asset Panda enables you to house all of your asset-related data in one centralized location, saving you and your employees hours of time and frustration. Get up to speed with what Asset Panda can offer your business with a free 14-day trial. Visit to learn more.



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