With Asset Management, Mobile is the Gold Standard

For asset management, mobile isn’t just the convenient way; it’s the only way. It used to be that companies relied on manual asset management processes – either pen and paper or, more likely, an Excel document. However, manual tracking is an unreliable, error-prone way to manage your assets. In the midst of more pressing day-to-day matters, it’s very easy to neglect recordkeeping. If multiple employees are charged with the task, you might have duplication of effort, and your odds for a typo or some other error increase. It’s also difficult to consolidate those records. Analyzing the data is also challenging when it’s maintained in a static format. Because your data is changing constantly, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all when you’re relying on manual processes. At the same time, it's vital that you maintain accuracy in your records because you’ve got to report your fixed assets to your accounting and compliance teams. Miscalculations, omissions and other mistakes can be very costly. The bottom line is this: It’s simply too risky to rely on manual recordkeeping. And, thanks to the continued evolution of technology, you don’t have to.

Two of the most significant advantages that technology has introduced to asset management are simplification and accuracy. Asset management mobile platforms enable you to house all of your asset-related data in one centralized location, saving you and your employees immeasurable time and frustration. In the past, tracking down an asset meant spinning your wheels for hours. Some items may have even been lost or stolen but unreported, while your company continued to pay insurance on these “ghost assets.” Technology also eliminates to a large extent the human factor, automating your processes and improving the accuracy of your data.

Following years of research, development and testing, Asset Panda developed the world’s most powerful asset management mobile solution. This is a powerful yet simple to use system that incorporates the best of what technology has to offer, then takes it a step further. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, so your data is always served up in real time 24 hours a day, every day. You no longer need to wait until you’re back in the office to check on the status of an item. The app also includes a mobile barcode scanner, which eliminates the need for a separate handheld barcode scanner. In fact, no additional hardware or software is required to use Asset Panda – only the mobile devices you and your employees already carry. Every Asset Panda account is a premium account, giving you full access to our robust and ever-growing features offering. And you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge, so you can bring every one of your stakeholders into the asset management mobile conversation. When everyone’s in the loop, accountability and accuracy increase throughout your entire organization – and that has a direct impact on your bottom line.

From the palm of your hand, you can monitor an item’s check-in/check-out status, completely maintenance history, insurance policy information, the exact location and condition of an item and who has it, lease/purchase information, and much more. Importing and exporting data into the tool is easy, as is all functionality within Asset Panda. You won’t need any special training to master it. Features are completely customizable, adapting to how you work. Asset Panda allows you to analyze data and make informed decisions based on accurate information. You can also create work orders and use the tool as an enterprise service desk, if you’d like – and all from the smartphone or tablet you already carry.

Try Asset Panda free for 14 days. You’ll soon discover why clients worldwide trust us to help them manage their most vital fixed assets. For more information, visit assetpanda.com


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