Asset Panda Named Among Camcode’s Top Asset Tracking Applications

Camcode, a leading supplier of durable pre-printed barcode labels and customized solutions for asset tracking applications, recently released a new guide, “50 Inventory Management Best Practices: Tools, Techniques, Money-Saving Strategies, and More.” Asset Panda is among the products featured in the section entitled “Top Asset Tracking Apps: The 55 Best Applications to Mobilize Your Asset Tracking and Management Activities.”

All 55 asset tracking applications featured on the list were chosen “for their useful features, such as the ability to use your camera to take pictures of assets or scan barcodes, their data recording and exporting capabilities, and their ease of use. Our asset tracking apps come from some of the top-rated asset tracking software companies and app developers, to ensure their security and stability.”

Asset Panda is No. 15 on the list of asset tracking applications, though the apps aren’t ranked and are listed in no particular order. Camcode calls out the following key features of the app: its built-in barcode scanner; ability to replace spreadsheets, but import data back to Excel if needed; convenience of using existing smartphones and tablets without needing to purchase additional hardware; appropriateness for schools, service companies, churches, government, health care and many other industry sectors; and ability to help companies and organizations gain control over their assets with an integrated asset management system that combines the use of apps, the cloud and scanning using existing employee mobile devices. Camcode also displays screenshots of the app, which shows its user-friendly, intuitive interface.

As Camcode mentions, Asset Panda’s goal is to “help the world organize and manage everything they own.” To that end, the company holds firm to a couple of key philosophies: One, that clients should be able to track their assets any way they want. Second, clients should be able to add as many users as they’d like to the app without paying additional fees. Third, asset tracking should be easy, flexible and customizable. Fourth, cloud technology is key, because it gives clients the assurance that their data is always served up in real time. Finally, asset tracking should be mobile, because business doesn’t just happen at the office. Particularly in our modern environment, business takes place on the go. That’s why Asset Panda believes that employees should be able to access their asset data from their smartphones or tablets via its free iOS and Android apps. And, if they want to use a web app, they can access Asset Panda from their desktop computers, if they choose.

Asset Panda brings the entire lifecycle of your assets into one centralized location. From the palm of your hand, you can scan and upload a new asset using the app’s mobile barcode scanner – so there’s no need for a separate handheld scanner, or any additional hardware, for that matter. You can also add supporting documents, videos, photos or voice notes to your asset records. With Asset Panda, you can access in seconds such vital data as an item’s exact location, GPS coordinates, its condition, complete maintenance history, check-in/check-out status, depreciation, insurance policy, warranty information, lease/purchase information and more. Features are completely customizable; you can tailor the dashboard, fields and columns, notifications, alerts and reports, and security settings, among other data, to your specific needs, and make changes at any time. Add as many users as you’d like for no additional fee; our goal is to close the communication loop among every stakeholder in your organization, which subsequently increases both accountability and accuracy.

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