Asset Panda Platform Empowers Clients for Highly Anticipated ‘Internet of Things’

DALLAS –  The term “Internet of Things” (or “IoT”) has become a buzzword, and with good reason: We’ll soon live in a world where nearly every item in our homes and offices is microchipped for identification and tracking purposes. Industry experts and CIOs haven’t pinpointed when IoT will be effective; they only know it’s coming.

Dallas-based Asset Panda is uniquely positioned for that forthcoming reality, having established an easy, powerful and configurable platform that tracks, manages and stores information, closes the loop and keeps everyone – equipment owners, equipment support and end users – in constant contact. Asset Panda helps organizations take the first critical step toward the Internet of Things by giving them the capacity to track their equipment using a flexible tool designed to incorporate new technologies as they become prevalent.

The company serves a broad base of industry sectors, including health care, information technology, education, energy, public safety, government and hospitality. Companies both large and small are potential candidates for the tool; nearly every organization in existence maintains an inventory whose effective management increases bottom-line revenue. In fact, one of the world’s most prominent beverage retailers just entered into an agreement with Asset Panda, which will facilitate communication between its warehouses, third-party technicians and, ultimately, its customers at thousands of retail centers and restaurants.

This is much more than just a tracking tool; it’s an ecosystem for assets, managing and storing vital information about the equipment on which companies depend and closing the communication loop. Equipment owners can track where items are and what condition they’re in, and have access to data needed by their accounting and compliance teams. More accurate data, in turn, guards against loss and waste, eliminates guesswork, results in lower property taxes and potentially lower insurance costs, and provides better support for end users. Equipment support staff are better able to track the location and condition of items, including the repair history and make/model/serial number. Finally, customers have round-the-clock access to the status of checked in/out items, receive notifications for required maintenance and communicate easily when an item requires repair or replacement. Clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users. And here’s the best part: All that’s required to use Asset Panda is a smartphone, or log on to the web. It’s that simple.

Asset Panda offers free Android and iPhone/iPad apps that sync with the cloud – so no more costly, time-consuming spreadsheets. Clients can generate automated reports about their assets. A built-in mobile barcode scanner helps them quickly locate specific items by searching items they’ve already logged into Asset Panda. Collectively, these features help promote efficient tracking of assets -- even for entities with a tremendous volume of fixed assets to manage at any given time -- eliminates costly errors and focuses critical resources where they’re most needed. From its flexibility and configurability to the ease of use and unbeatable value, this truly groundbreaking platform stands alone in the marketplace.

Asset Panda offers a free 14-day trial to prospective customers. For more information, go to


Krista has developed a passion for operational strategy via KPI management, streamlined processes, implementation of automation systems, and scaling Asset Panda. When she isn't attempting to help take the company to new heights, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, playing golf, cooking, and a good glass of wine.

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