Asset Panda: Simple, Powerful IT Asset Tracking Software

IT asset tracking software is a must for an organization that wants to establish better efficiency, be a good steward of its resources, increase accountability and enhance customer service capabilities. The evolution of such software represents a big step up from the traditional way of tracking assets, using Excel spreadsheets – a manual process susceptible to human error and oversight. IT asset tracking software has enabled organizations of every size, and from a multitude of industries, to take control of their most expensive assets – mainly laptop computers, mobile devices, servers, monitors, keyboards and the like.

IT equipment is so vital to our business functions today, and in such hot demand, that’s it’s an obvious target for thieves. Company-issued laptops and mobile devices are always on the move, both inside and outside your building. If they’re not tied to an efficient and accurate asset tracking system, they may simply fall through the cracks. Employees spend countless hours trying to hunt down these items, which resulting in lost productivity and money. And, in the worst-case scenario, companies may continue to pay insurance on these “ghost assets” – assets that are either missing or stolen but unreported.

With asset tracking software, you can monitor an asset’s every move, and know at a moment’s notice its condition and the identity of its current user. You’ll find a lot of IT asset tracking software products on the market, but they differ dramatically in terms of how much additional equipment you’ll need to use them, their flexibility, ease of use and, of course, price point.

If you’re looking for the simplest, most powerful solution to your asset tracking needs – and at the most competitive price – Asset Panda is the hands-down winner. This mobile asset tracking platform is powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud. No additional hardware or software (or associated software licenses) are required, and the app includes a mobile barcode scanner. All your employees need to track the entire lifecycle of every one of your IT assets are the smartphones or tablets they already carry. And, speaking of employees, you can bring all of them into the asset tracking loop with Asset Panda; every one of our clients is entitled to an unlimited number of users at no extra charge. Plus, every Asset Panda account is a premium account, meaning that you’re given full access to every one of Asset Panda’s features – and this powerful tool offers the most robust, yet customizable features list you’ll find anywhere.

Customization is what it’s all about with Asset Panda. We realize that every one of our clients has distinct needs. That’s why we give you complete control over how your data is displayed in the app. You customize the dashboard and the fields, set up your own alerts and notifications, and role-based security. At a moment’s notice, and from the palm of your hand, you can look up an item’s location, who has it and its condition. You can check its maintenance history, schedule a work order or create a report. Take a look at its GPS location, lease/purchase information, check-in/check-out status, and so much more. Best of all, this information is yours 24 hours a day, in real-time. The data your accounting and compliance teams is easy to pull and more reliable than ever before. For more information and to start your free 14-day trial, visit

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