Asset Scanning Software Protects, Preserves Educational Resources


Asset lifecycle management is an especially critical function within educational institutions, and an asset scanning software can make that task infinitely easier.

The Challenge

School districts throughout the United States are expected to deliver more on lean budgets at a time when expenses continue to creep upward. School districts must maximize the lifespan of their fixed assets. That includes preventive maintenance as well as routine audits, disaster preparedness, and insurance coverage. Schools also must ensure that every stakeholder involved in the life of each asset is connected and able to communicate for maximum accountability and accuracy. If your institution has purchased any fixed asset with the aid of a federal grant, then your responsibility to provide thorough and accurate records is even greater.

Technology Assets: A Blessing and a Curse

Before now, you may not have considered just how many educational fixed assets the average classroom or school contains. Educational institutions have always housed large quantities of fixed assets – from library books, classroom furniture and photocopiers to teaching tools and school supplies. However, they manage an even larger and more expensive array of fixed assets today given their reliance on technology.

Walk into many classrooms in this country today, and you’ll find laptops, desktop computers, iPads, various educational software products, sophisticated graphing calculators, scanners, and much more. Those high-priced investments are prime targets for theft. They also must be routinely maintained and updated to ensure that they continue to run efficiently and that teachers are able to use these assets throughout their useful lives. A poorly maintained IT asset will break down early or even require an early replacement, taking a bite out of a budget that already is stretched thin.

Why Asset Scanning Software Matters

Knowing what you have and where it’s located affect your classroom productivity and your budget. For example, if an asset is sitting idle somewhere and you don’t know its whereabouts, you might be forced to purchase a replacement. That's a cost you could have avoided with a reliable asset scanning software platform.

Asset scanning software simplifies the chore of conducting an audit. First, you get an accurate count of the assets in your inventory and may be able to locate missing assets and/or assets that are no longer in use. Second, you can make informed decisions about your needs. That means you can plan equipment refresh schedules with confidence and reduce or eliminate waste. Third, your disaster planning is based on an accurate count, not guesswork. Finally, you’ll have the assurance that you’re properly insured for your all of your fixed assets.

Asset scanning software works hand in hand with asset tags and barcodes. Each asset has its own unique and identifiable barcode that serves up data supporting the complete lifecycle of the asset. Those details may include the asset's exact location, insurance policy, warranty expiration, lease/purchase information, complete maintenance history, depreciation, check-in/check-out status, and more.

Ideally, every stakeholder involved in the lifecycle of your educational assets should be communicating through the platform. That eliminates communication gaps and increases accountability and accuracy. You can select options like an electronic signature for added accountability. Some asset scanning software even displays GPS coordinates of each fixed asset. Your IT staff may also set up notifications and alerts so you never miss important routine maintenance.

Asset Panda's Best-in-Class Solution

Asset Panda’s asset scanning software works in conjunction with our free mobile app, which includes a mobile barcode scanner and requires no additional hardware to use. This intuitive platform is simple to use and completely customizable. Track your educational assets any way you want while you save time and money. Curb theft and loss and keep your assets in good working order so your students always have access to the resources they deserve.


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