3 Ways an Asset Tracking Barcode Can Change Your Business

Asset tracking is becoming more prevalent in today’s business environment. Companies are understanding the value that asset tracking brings to the bottom line as well as the time accountability for its employees. Many don’t associate the barcode with asset tracking, but the two work hand in hand. The data stored as a result of asset tracking barcode technology has made a huge difference in how companies track assets, view and use data and manage assets across the board.

Today’s asset tracking platforms have moved way beyond ledgers, shared electronic spreadsheets and handheld scanners. Companies want software that is easy to use, doesn’t take a lot of training time, is flexible and even customizable, doesn’t require a bunch of expensive add-ons/purchases and saves money and time.

Products on the market are utilizing asset tracking barcode technology which ties in with a built-in mobile barcode scanner as the game-changer when it comes to tracking assets. Barcodes can hold a wealth of data about the assets they’re attached to and are more efficient and accurate than the old ways of asset tracking.


"Asset tracking is becoming more prevalent in today’s business environment."


From your own smartphone or tablet, users can enter and view such information as check in/check out status, maintenance schedule, purchase/lease information, depreciation statistics, to name but a few. Tying the asset tracking barcode functionality to a mobile app provides immediate, real-time and accurate results and saves companies significant time and money while promoting accountability.

When your barcode scanner is tied to an asset tracking app, the entire lifecycle of each of your vital assets lives in the palm of your hand. You’re able to access your data anytime, anywhere within seconds – and you can rest assured that it’s accurate.

Here are three ways that an asset tracking barcode can change the way you track assets:

1. Data and reporting accuracy

Inaccurate data can be a huge issue for companies. If the data recorded is used to make budget or purchasing decisions, then it’s paramount that it’s entered correctly. Barcodes make it easy to access and transfer the correct data anytime. Even better, asset tracking barcode technology paired with a mobile application that syncs with the cloud allows users to scan barcodes on-site no matter where they are. This means your data is kept up to date 24/7.

2. Track 100 or 1,000s of assets

Keeping up with assets can be quite the undertaking. Whether you have a handful of assets in one office or hundreds of thousands of assets across the globe, companies rely on knowing where their assets are, who has them and their condition. By implementing an asset tracking barcode system, the process is much easier and faster. One click records data that your company can customize about each and every asset. And it’s recorded instantly. No more waiting or guessing.

3. Input data quickly

If you are the one entering asset data, you don’t have time to sit in front of the computer for hours a day manually inputting information. And you don’t want to rely on your co-workers to manually add their data. Using asset tracking barcodes makes it possible for you to instantly transfer and access asset data so you don’t have to spend valuable time on manual data entry.

Thanks to Asset Panda’s asset tracking barcode capabilities, everything clients need to track the complete lifecycle of their assets is instantly within reach. Our free iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, delivering real-time, accurate data 24 hours a day. Without the additional charge of a separate mobile barcode scanner – or any additional hardware or software — you don’t have to limit the number of stakeholders included in your communication loop.

Asset Panda offers our clients the most powerful mobile asset tracking system in the world at an extremely competitive price point. Asset Panda is extremely user-friendly, with a simple and flexible user interface, custom dashboard, sortable columns, user configurable views, custom reports, built-in search and many more features designed with the needs of our clients in mind.

Asset Panda user LogicForce used to spend their time tracking assets in Excel. Not anymore. Asset Panda helped LogicForce cut 75% of the time they were spending on electronic spreadsheets. Check out the video below to hear how asset tracking barcode technology impacted the way they do business. And don’t forget to visit www.assetpanda.comand sign up for a free 14-day trial.



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