Asset Tracking for Non-Profits

Asset Tracking for Non-Profits is an important part of running a fiscally responsible organization. You must track everything including: Musical Instruments, Electronics, Office Equipment, Furniture, Books and Buildings. The average church spends $1,700 per attendee each year. The average budget allocation for a church is as follows: 6% office supplies, 14% programs (child/adult programs, Music and Scholarships), 18% facilities management (utilities, maintenance, rent), 58% personnel services (pastoral and staff salaries) and 4% other.  The capabilities of an asset tracking software system include the following: Check In/Out (So you know where your assets are and who has them), track items (so you know location, category, serial number, owner), schedule maintenance, Save Money on hardware by using the mobile devices your staff all ready carry. The benefits of asset tracking include: Better Organization (you will always know where your assets are, who has them and what condition they are in), saves time (By keeping all of you assets in an easy to use system you will stop wasting time looking for items or researching history on each item), Increase efficiency allowing you to focus on your mission at hand rather than tracking down your assets.

Asset Tracking for Non-Profits does not have to be expensive and hard to manage.  By implementing Asset Panda you will be leveraging a world class state of the art system used by some of the largest companies in the world at a price that fits your budget.


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