Asset Tracking Pricing: Understand the Details


Asset Tracking Software Pricing

Nowadays, asset tracking pricing is broad, varied, and isn’t very clear. 

If you’re just starting to give asset tracking some thought, maybe you’re looking at pricing first because you have no idea where to begin your search.

What are the most important criteria you should be considering to help you select the best solution for your organization? Indeed, the cost is important, but it’s not the only factor that should be governing your decision.

And – as with any other buying situation – you’ll want to study the fine print underneath any price tag. What may look like a fantastic price may be disguising some hidden costs, like extra fees for additional hardware and/or software, software licenses, training, number of users, and “premium” features.

Here’s the reality: What’s true for your business today may not be true tomorrow. So you should find an asset tracking solution that adapts as your needs change.

Similarly, you need asset tracking pricing that won’t suddenly spike because your business is evolving. You need a flexible, robust product that can grow with you.

Asset Panda's Asset Tracking Software

At Asset Panda, we realize that no two organizations are alike, so a one-size-fits-all approach to asset tracking simply won’t work.

Also, we know that our world is moving toward an Internet of Things. Soon nearly every item in our homes and offices will be microchipped and tracked for identification and tracking purposes.

Flexibility is absolutely crucial for any asset tracking platform. That’s why we invested years of research, development, and testing in creating free and flexible mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud and offer completely customizable features.

As your business continues to change, Asset Panda adapts. Our philosophy is that clients should be able to track their assets any way they want, at any time.

Every Asset Panda account is a premium account, and you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge. So you have full access to our entire features list – simply choose the features you need today, and make changes to your preferences as you wish.

The asset tracking mobile app requires no additional hardware or software to use. Additionally, it includes a mobile barcode scanner, so all you need to access the complete lifecycle of your vital assets is your smartphone or tablet.

Without the need for additional hardware, software, or software licenses, our price goes down. By doing so, we can offer you the most robust, powerful tool on the market – and for a price our competitors can’t match.

Despite the features and flexibility of the app, it couldn’t be simpler to use. There’s no need for extensive training. We want your employees to jump right in and navigate our app easily.

Asset Panda Features

Some of our user-friendly features include:

  • A custom dashboard
  • Custom security settings
  • Custom actions like notifications
  • Alerts and reports
  • A calendar feature
  • Easy data import and export
  • Quick access to check-in/check-out status
  • Maintenance histories
  • Depreciation figures
  • GPS coordinates
  • The ability to create work orders
  • An enterprise service desk option and so much more

Technology is evolving at lightning speed. It makes sense to find yourself an asset tracking solution that will keep up. 

Asset Panda’s asset tracking pricing is straightforward and highly competitive. 

Plus, when you choose Asset Panda, you’re making an investment that ultimately will save your company time, frustration, and bottom-line revenues – no matter where your business takes you in the future.

If you want to learn why Asset Panda is one of the highest-rated asset management software today, book your free demo today (no credit card required)!


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