Asset Tracking Software Pricing: Get What You Pay For


Every business or organization, regardless of size or industry or location, has assets that need to be tracked and managed. Thanks to many advances in the field, the tedious and time-consuming practice of tracking assets has been automated, saving companies valuable time and money. Now, companies don’t have to rely on manual entries and the risk of human error from shared electronic spreadsheets. Asset tracking software pricing is affordable for all businesses, even those with limited budgets.

When everyone in your organization has quick and easy access to information they need, they can work smarter and more efficiently. Time is money and most companies don’t have a lot of either to toss around aimlessly. The role of asset tracking has become a necessity for many companies. They see the value that having an accurate knowledge of what assets they possess brings, especially when looking at the bottom line.

Free Isn’t Always Free

With that being said, of course it's important to consider what makes sense for your budget when looking at the pricing for an asset tracking software. Many products are offered “free” – but that enticing option can be very deceiving. You may get the software free of charge, but in order to make it work for your needs, it requires additional purchased options like hardware and various licenses . Some platforms cap the number of users you may have and then add a fee for additional users. Those charges can add up quickly and now your "free" platform is costing you a ton of money.

What to Look for in Asset Tracking Software Pricing

There are several of things to look for when selecting the right asset tracking software that meets your business needs and your budget. Keep the following . suggestions and questions in mind as you mull over your various options:


Not all tools can handle the same number of assets. It doesn't make sense to pay for more capacity than you need. If needed, choose a system that has a price per asset. You don’t want to pay for expensive scanners, printers, and other equipment you don’t need. The same goes for your asset tracking software.


Do you need a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription? Are there discounts if you purchase a full-year vs month-by-month?

What’s Included

Know what is included in your asset tracking software pricing. Does it include a built-in barcode scanner or is that an extra add-on? Do you have unlimited users or do you have to pay to add more on?

Training and Customer Support

Look at the initial cost as well as the costs to customize and train staff. Be sure you not only purchase the right software, but that you have the level of support you need. Do you only get a few hours at the start and then have to pay after you hit that time allotment? Do you get limited or unlimited use of a help desk to troubleshoot issues? Is there a charge for that service?

Time Savings

How much time do you currently spend entering asset/inventory information each day/each week? How much time will a dedicated asset tracking software platform save you at each stage of the process – i.e. entering new assets or importing existing assets, and adding them to your database? Can you have multiple employees working this software at the same time?


Companies change – and the software you select needs to be able to accommodate . Be sure your platform doesn’t up charge to add or change features that are necessary to your company’s growth.

When everyone works together on a single platform, it leads to stronger business continuity. Asset Panda is dedicated to providing a product that offers realistic asset tracking software pricing to meet the needs of all types of businesses.

The price quoted includes every feature without restrictions or limits, you can configure the platform to be what you need it to be, addressing multiple business issues with a single solution. This saves you money since you no longer have to purchase a variety of software packages and hope they work cohesively.

Asset Panda is highly configurable, so it can become whatever you need it to be and adjusts as your needs change. Asset Panda works the way you do, on devices you’re already using, both online and through our Mobile App. This makes it easy for all your users to access the information they need, when they need it, from wherever they're working.

Give Asset Panda a try and find out why when it comes to asset tracking software pricing, it’s the hands-down leader in terms of power, ease of use and return on investment. For more information, visit


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