Asset Tracking Updates


Here at Asset Panda, things constantly evolve and change. We have loads of new updates to share with you!

  • Calendar
    • There is now a Calendar button under each group, and also a calendar button for individual objects, such as assets or insurance policies.
      • For example, see the calendar just for Warranties, or view the repair calendar for a particular asset.
  • Field Type
    • Numeric Auto Increment – This field type can now be configured with a Prefix and for a set number of digits.
    • List & Multi List – You now have the ability to set-up default values for these field types.
  • User Settings
    • You can now customize user permissions for Dashboard, Calendar, My Settings Page and Reporting, and limit access by asset Status.
    • User Configuration page now displays all users instead of selecting users from a drop down menu.
  • Action Settings
    • In setting up an action field, you can configure fields to display instructions (“Description”) for users performing the action. When the action is logged in the action history, the “Name” field will display in place of the description.
    • Action History – You can now expand/collapse the action history on an object.
  • Email Notification History – You can now see the notification history on an object
  • Change Reports – You now have the ability to enter dynamic date ranges in Change Reports.
  • Images
    • You now have the ability to attach images to more than one asset at a time.
    • If you mouse over an image on an object, it will now show you the object name and the date of the image.
  • Account Admin
    • Company Admins now have a menu under Account > Change Log, where they can see changes made to the company settings or configuration.
    • Admins can edit the Personal Settings for a user in order to change their passwords
    • Admins can access the Contact tab under Support to contact Asset Panda.

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