Assets Inventory and Savings … Oh My!

“Time is money.” How many times have you heard that phrase used, whether for business or even on a personal level? When it comes to tracking assets, inventory and other vital tools that make a company run, that phrase really rings true. Now more than ever before, companies are being more cognizant on how they spend their money and on how employees are using their time. Every hour counts.

One of the most common, yet overlooked, challenges facing businesses is tracking the location, condition, maintenance and depreciation of their assets and/or inventory. Companies spend countless hours – many of them wasted – keeping up with what they have. And sadly, many learn along the way that they actually have no idea what assets they own, and that’s an even bigger secondary hassle and an expensive one at that!

Asset and inventory data is constantly changing as equipment or stock moves from place to place. The old way of tracking, either by a handwritten ledger or electronic spreadsheet just isn’t cutting it. Companies have come to realize that in order to keep up with the necessary data, in real time that allocated users can access anytime and from anywhere, they need a targeted tracking and management platform. Budgets, audits, old jobs, potential new jobs, new business, and customer service are all related to the tracking and management of assets, inventory, time and money.

Thankfully, today’s tracking software enables users to perform assets, inventory management and tracking from anywhere, anytime day or night. The software is accessible from users own smartphones or tablets. Many programs are equipped with barcode scanners to streamline the physical inventory and data entry processes. This feature has saved employees hours of time for actions like equipment check out, barcode printing, equipment deployment, and reporting. Businesses are also saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in not having to invest in separate, costly handheld scanners.

Security and safety of company assets, inventory, and employees is always a top priority. One of the most important functions of assets, inventory tracking is that it keeps data in the cloud instead of on-site. Data no longer disappears in disaster scenarios, server failures, or power outages. Software based in the cloud informs only designated users about the current condition of each asset, or what inventory is in stock, as well as its condition over time.

From a safety standpoint, possessing updated information about maintenance records and repair data for all assets ensures that they are in good working condition and ready to go at a moment’s notice, and in turn, the team stays safe and productive. Having the ability to view that data also helps schedule repairs and upgrades, assign work orders, regulate safety requirements and licenses, and manage inventory.

In our mobile, fast-paced world, companies are looking to do more with less, but still expect employees to perform at the highest level. Quick integration, minimal (or no) training time and customizable/flexible configurations to meet the needs of each and every individual business across every industry are key components for tracking assets, inventory in addition to time and money.

Asset Panda makes tracking assets, inventory and other vital tools as simple as can be. With our mobile app, employees can update the database wherever they work, anytime. Companies can rely on regularly updated information about their assets, and are sure they’re being kept in optimal condition, or can quickly address potential problems as they happen.

Not only will you have anytime anywhere access to detailed data, Asset Panda’s intuitive interface is a breeze to use. There’s no need to purchase additional hardware, software or the associated licenses. Asset Panda is completely customizable, from the dashboard to the columns, fields, notifications, alerts, reports, security settings and more. Analyze your data from a high-level view, issue reports, cut waste and save time and money.

With Asset Panda, the entire lifecycle of your assets and inventory lives in the palm of your hand. Now is the perfect time to optimize your assets, inventory, and finances! Give us a free trial for 14-days by visiting

Audra London

Audra London, founder of Conceptual Communications, LLC, has over 10 years of writing, public relations and marketing experience and serves as an expert on press releases, media relations, feature writing, web content and marketing copy.

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