An Asset’s Value Goes Beyond Money

Not too long ago, only international or merchandising companies tracked assets. Managing assets through a spreadsheet, database, or handwritten record was time consuming and error prone. Some companies used GPS tracking software for vehicles and equipment, but that quickly became expensive and difficult to manage. Larger organizations needed to keep these records in order to continue operating, because they couldn't afford to lose expensive machinery or equipment. Smaller businesses could get by without going through the hassle.

In this age of ever advancing technology, it's easier than ever to track assets of all shapes and sizes. A centralized database makes it easy for you and your employees to maintain a customizable and up to date record of what you have on hand. Available software also reduces the need for you to spend valuable man hours tracking the equipment you need to keep your company running.

Why Manage Assets?

The problem of not knowing what equipment and inventory you have isn't exclusive to large ventures. Retail outlets, and companies with just a handful of employees suffer from this problem as well. At its core, asset management is knowing exactly what you have and where it is. The more equipment, machines, technology, and inventory a company has, the harder asset tracking can become without a solution in place.

Asset management has become more than counting pieces of equipment or technology, and that's why businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of tracking software. Nowadays, knowing an asset's value over its life cycle helps companies of all sizes save money spent per asset and get the most out of each asset.

An asset's value isn't just how much money you spent on it. Value can also be measured in how well an asset helps your company make revenue over its lifetime. If something from your company were to vanish overnight, could you still function without it? Any item you couldn't operate without is something valuable, and will be better protected with a proper tracking system.

Tracking Assets Helps You Protect Your Customers

Not knowing where you store your computers with your company's information can lead to many serious problems. Especially for companies that store customer information on their computers and servers, losing track of the machinery this data is saved on could ruin your business.

Managing these kinds of risks is top priority, and IT asset tracking software can help you protect your customers. You'll know exactly where each of your machines are, who is using them, and when you need to replace hardware or update software.

Keeping your customers protected means keeping them happy, and that leads to better business. Protect your machines full of sensitive customer information and other assets vital to your business' operation with Asset Panda. Our software helps you reduce tracking errors that can affect your end product and risk your customers going somewhere else.

Our customizable platform makes it easy for you to configure Asset Panda to work for you. Using mobile devices most of your team already carries with them, you can keep your cloud based database of asset information updated in real time. Each entry stores information like asset value over lifespan, repair history, patterns of use, current location and more.

Identify and maintain awareness of assets from all aspects of your business so you can make the most out of what you already own. The added efficiency you'll gain from using our software will give you more time to focus on your customers and do the things that directly bring you revenue.

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