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Barcode asset tracking refers to the identification, management and tracking of your fixed assets. Fixed assets are items not sold for profit, but which help you conduct your business. Take, for example, IT equipment, office furniture, real estate and vehicles. All of those items help you turn a profit, and they need to be reported annually for accounting and compliance purposes. A unique barcode on each of those fixed assets allows you to track the movement of those items as they change hands. That means you eliminate the guesswork and wasted time typically associated with hunting down an item. If you have a presence in multiple locations, barcode asset tracking can help you get a read on where your assets are distributed. That information allows you to make informed decisions about how many assets should be allocated to a particular location. If one location needs additional laptop computers, for example, you don’t want laptops to sit idle in another location if there’s no need for them.

Regardless of whether you represent a small nonprofit or global corporation, if you want to make the most of the investment you’ve made in your fixed assets and run your organization as efficiently as possible, a powerful, yet easy to use asset tracking system is a must. If you’re going to get everyone on board with asset tracking, you’ll need to find a system that even the most technically challenged employee can understand without extensive training. You’ll also want a system that doesn’t require you to invest in a lot of additional hardware and/or software to use. Anytime, anywhere access to data should be your goal, because let’s face it: Business isn’t just limited to the office anymore. Urgent needs almost always arise outside of normal business hours.

Barcode readers are typically used to upload new assets, but those readers can be lost or stolen, and an organization usually has a limited number of those scanners available. When you’re considering which barcode asset tracking system is best for you, keep in mind that you’ll have the best results when you can close the communication loop among every stakeholder involved in the lifecycle of your assets. When everyone has access to the system, that increases accountability throughout your organization, and makes it much less likely that an item will fall through the cracks. Many companies unknowingly are paying insurance for “ghost assets” that aren’t even in their inventories anymore. An item that’s lost or stolen, but unreported, can remain unnoticed for months.

Asset Panda offers an easy, cost-effective solution for bringing all of your stakeholders into the conversation. Powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, it’s an asset tracking platform that requires no additional hardware or software to use. An unlimited number of your employees can download and use the app 24 hours a day, with confidence that the data they’re seeing is in real time. The app is incredibly simple to use and requires no special training to master. It’s been designed to be intuitive and completely customizable. Every Asset Panda client receives full access to our complete features offering, and you choose and customize the features that make sense for your business needs. From the palm of your hand, you can scan assets using the app’s built-in mobile barcode scanner; add supporting documents, photos, videos and/or voice notes; monitor the check-in/check-out status of an asset; view its GPS location; set up custom notifications, alerts and security settings; create work orders; view the maintenance history, purchase/lease and insurance information for any asset; and even use the app as an enterprise service desk to reduce your support call volume. And that’s just the beginning.

Best of all, Asset Panda is flexible enough to adapt as your needs change. The “Internet of Things” is a forthcoming reality for which you’re already prepared when you’ve got Asset Panda on your side.

Check out our free app for 14 days, and see why our clients love our simple, powerful mobile platform. For more information, go to assetpanda.com

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