Barcode Inventory Management Simplifies Your Business, Increases Efficiency

Barcode inventory management is useful for companies in nearly every industry and may be adapted to meet the specific needs of the organization at hand. Of course, any barcode inventory management system begins with a barcode printer. You can either purchase one yourself or simply order your tags and labels from a reliable source – for example,, which allows you to select from materials like foil, plastic, photo anodized aluminum and metal, and with a tamper-proof option.

The importance of barcode scanners

Your barcode scanner is another important decision in the barcode inventory management process, as scanners vary in features and price points. Some scanners can read barcodes from a long distance, some are cordless, some are capable of reading only 1D barcodes, and others can read more sophisticated 2D barcodes. 1D barcodes are comprised of vertical black lines, while 2D barcodes include a series of pixelated dots and geometric shapes in which codified data is stored. Data storage is limited on 1D barcodes – only a few dozen characters. One of the most common applications for 1D barcodes is the UPC symbol on each item in your local grocery store. 2D barcodes, however, can hold hundreds of characters, and data may be encoded both vertically and horizontally. Additionally, 2D barcodes may store images, voice data, and URLs. The most common example is a QR code, which, when scanned, often leads the user directly to a website. Another important difference between 1D and 2D barcodes is that 1D barcodes are dependent upon a database, while 2D barcodes store data in the codes themselves. When selecting your barcode scanner, you’ll want to keep in mind not just the needs of your business today, but your anticipated needs in the future.

What inventory management can do for you

A good barcode inventory management system can deliver improved efficiency to your organization through such benefits as the ability to locate inventory and parts throughout multiple locations, process orders and shipments, receive inventory, determine accurate quantities, better prepare for seasonal variations, avoid run-outs and excess inventory, and maintain high standards of customer service. Barcode inventory management ultimately saves companies time and money and eliminate the frustration associated with inventory issues – both among employees and the customers they serve.

Business owners must also determine the value of their inventory – a time-consuming and potentially error-prone task. Tracking this information manually is difficult, as the data attached to your inventory changes often, and it’s very easy to make a typo in your records. A barcode inventory management system stores all of your inventory data in one centralized location. Your data is not only in real time, it’s accurate, so you can be sure that the information you’re using to make important decisions is information you can trust. Guesswork and costly mistakes are things of the past.

Why Asset Panda is right for you

With Asset Panda, everything you need to track the entire lifecycle of your inventory is as near as your smartphone. Our free mobile app contains a built-in barcode scanner. Asset Panda clients may order sturdy, reliable inventory labels and tags from BuyAssetTags; and from there, inventory management is a user-friendly, streamlined process. It’s easy to integrate Asset Panda with legacy systems and import data from your existing Excel spreadsheets. You’ll reduce loss, theft and waste when you know what you have and where it’s located. Asset Panda’s barcode inventory management system empowers you to run your business with confidence.

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