The Barcode Labeling System You Use Can Save (or Cost) You Precious Time, Money

Why do companies and organizations need a barcode labeling system? Before we explain, we should clear up a myth. You might be under the impression that only large companies with thousands of employees and multiple office locations need some kind of formal barcode labeling system. While those types of organizations absolutely need this kind of system, small companies do, as well. Here’s why:

Barcodes eliminate the human factor. If you’ve got an employee or employees manually entering your data, mistakes aren’t a question of if; they’re a matter of when. Scanning barcodes is quick and easy, while typing data into a system requires time and rechecking for accuracy.

Anyone can scan a barcode. With barcode scanning, you don’t need to train an employee on the ins and outs of manual data entry. A scanner is all that’s required. If your training time is reduced, it stands to reason, then, that you’re saving money on training costs.

Barcodes provide fast access to comprehensive data. With a quick scan, you’re presented with details on your inventory items, their respective condition, maintenance histories, values and much more. You can customize your data to your own specifications, and, thanks to the speed of barcode scanning, your data appears within seconds. Some barcode labeling system providers enable you to scan barcodes and review your data from your mobile device. Whether you’re based in a headquarters facility, a warehouse or somewhere in the field, chances are good that you spend much of your time on the go. A barcode labeling system that gives you the convenience of anytime mobile access, then, saves you time.

Barcode data gives you the assurance that you’re making decisions based on accurate, real-time data. You reduce costly errors and frustration while you save time and increase your productivity.

A barcode labeling system allows for better inventory control. If you’re managing inventory, you’re charged with what can be a difficult decision. You don’t want inventory languishing on your shelves, and you certainly don’t want to lose customers by running short. A barcode labeling system provides up-to-the-minute figures that help you make better decisions and save money on overhead.

Barcodes are also relatively inexpensive. You’ll find a great variety of labels and tags available on the market that are built for durability and reliability.

Barcodes are versatile. You can use them not only for tracking inventory but also for managing your fixed assets. They provide the gateway to the entire lifecycle of an item, from the time you initially acquire it to the time you phase it out and replace it.

Barcodes prevent loss and theft. Many companies have lost thousands of dollars due to lost or stolen inventory or assets. A barcode labeling system prevents items from falling through the cracks, and eliminates “ghost assets.”

Barcodes facilitate equipment refresh schedules. With a barcode labeling system, you can more accurately monitor the condition of your equipment and tools, and make more informed decisions about when it should be replaced. You’ll no longer be caught off guard by unanticipated expenses.

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