Barcode Scanners Software Delivers Comprehensive Benefits for Pest Control Companies

Equipment, tools and technology are the lifeblood of pest control companies. Barcode scanners software can sharply reduce and even eliminate the mistakes and confusion associated with manual fixed asset tracking. The software effectively automates what used to be a tedious and time-consuming process and raises the bar on accountability and accuracy. With barcode scanners software, a single platform stores comprehensive data covering the lifecycle of every fixed asset, so there’s no more searching throughout the organization for lost equipment like foggers, sprayers, dusters, steamers, and granulators.

The Problem With Manual Asset Tracking

Manual asset tracking, which most often involves keying barcode numbers into an Excel spreadsheet, leaves the door wide open for error. It’s easy to enter a typo and even easier to overlook an important item or detail. Subsequently, expensive equipment, tools and technology may seemingly disappear or otherwise fall through the cracks. Pest control companies may even discover months down the line that they’ve been paying insurance for ghost assets they don’t even have in their inventory anymore. These sorts of wasteful practices will have a direct effect on a company’s bottom line and likely mean that they have to make cuts elsewhere to compensate for that loss.

Another limitation of Excel spreadsheets is that it’s challenging to stay on top of key updates and routine maintenance for IT assets in your office. Unless you’ve charged a staff member with syncing those dates to a calendar, they may be out of sight and therefore out of mind. When equipment isn’t regularly inspected and properly maintained, small issues can quickly become major overhauls or even replacements. IT equipment represents among the biggest-ticket investments in any pest control organization. For obvious reasons, business owners want to maximize the useful lives of those assets. With barcode scanners software, IT managers can set up customized notifications to alert them of those key maintenance dates. In turn, they not only keep their equipment in good working order; they prevent the disruptions to employee productivity that result when computers and servers either slow down or break down. Preventive maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense from the CFO’s point of view. However, it saves money in the long run by maximizing the lifespan of IT assets and preventing expensive repairs and rush-ordered service and parts. Perhaps most important – reducing the company’s vulnerability to a security breach, something that can happen when assets aren’t properly maintained.

Technology and Customer Service

Pest control companies increasingly rely on technology to provide the kind of service their customers expect. In a 2018 article for Workwave (“2019 Outlook: Predictions for the Pest Control Industry”), writer Rick Agajanian explained how customer engagement will become a top priority for pest control companies. “Technology has forever changed the way companies approach customer service,” he said, referencing a study finding that by 2020, the key brand differentiator will be customer experience, no longer price or product. With that in mind, it’s vital for pest control companies to invest in technology and the barcode scanners software that will track and manage it effectively.

Asset Panda’s intuitive barcode scanners software makes it incredibly simple for pest control companies to monitor the complete lifecycle of their equipment, tools and other fixed assets. A barcode scanner built into our free mobile app eliminates the need for additional hardware. Our completely customizable features let you track your assets any way you want – and at an incredibly competitive price point.




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