Why Barcode Tracking Really Works

It never fails … you find a problem in your tracking procedures AFTER you’ve already finished a huge inventory project. Just when you think you’re finished counting an endless number of assets you realize that there was an error somewhere in there and you didn’t catch it. Back to square one and a ton of wasted time. But there is a way to take inventory of your assets that dramatically reduces the margin for error and can save you tons of time in the process – barcode tracking.

Barcodes can store a wealth of information about your assets and inventory. When coupled with a barcode scanner and centrally stored in an asset tracking platform, the ways of how you can use the data in those codes is limited only by you.

The use of barcodes and barcode tracking software in tracking assets for companies of all sizes across virtually any industry has simplified the once challenging and time-consuming process of identifying, tracking, and controlling of assets, equipment and processes. Companies that decided to invest in asset tracking and management technology have come to the realization that barcode tracking is a very viable choice for businesses looking to improve efficiency and reduce overhead.


Enter the advances in mobile technology, barcode tracking can be a company’s best friend! With one simple scan of a barcode scanner, employees can capture a wealth of information from their own smartphones or tablets. This eliminates the need for pricey handheld scanners that are subject to breakdowns or constant upgrades.


When an employee has access to a barcode scanner to track assets anytime, from anywhere, he/she is more responsible and accountable. They can instantly update relevant data that can have an impact on the entire company. Guesswork is no longer an issue as to where assets are, who had them last or even their maintenance history. The data shown is in real time in one central location. No more “multiple versions” of a spreadsheet floating around that some employees can access and some cannot. And who knows when that spreadsheet was updated last and if the data entered is even correct? Barcode tracking simply eliminates that!

The Bottom Line

And let’s talk about the bottom line. What company doesn’t want to save money? Barcode tracking can definitely save company thousands of dollars in necessary expenses or trips to the repair shop. And it saves employees many manpower hours in trying to track down assets or manually typing in data.

Do you really know what assets you have or where they are at all times? With barcode tracking, you have all of that information in the palm of your hand for the entire lifecycle of an asset. This eliminates duplicate spending on items you already have because now you KNOW where your assets are and aren’t spending money to replace items that may have been misplaced or lost.

This takes us back to the accountability issue again too. Employees are more aware of what assets they use, how they are using them and their working condition at check in/check out. Barcode scanning captures all this information when an employee takes possession and can relay data to management if an asset goes missing or is broken on who had it last and for what use.

Barcode tracking is easy and takes no time to learn, which is why Asset Panda is the perfect platform for companies to use for tracking and managing their assets. Asset Panda is completely flexible and customizable. The possibilities are limitless with Asset Panda as it works with you and can change as your needs change. Set up custom fields, custom actions (like notifications and alerts), link groups of data and generate reports. Email asset details from your mobile device. Use the GPS feature to locate the exact location of any asset. You can also monitor check-in/check-out status, pull up lease/purchase, service contract and insurance information, review maintenance schedules and create work orders.

Asset Panda’s free mobile apps sync with the cloud, and it’s built-in mobile barcode scanner gives you the assurance that the data captured and recorded is both real-time and accurate – which helps prevent errors, penalties and wasted money.

Incorporate barcode tracking into your company’s daily operations and stop the guesswork, eliminate wasted time and money and raise the bar on your employees’ accountability. Visit www.assetpanda.com and get started today with a free 14-day trial.



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