Benefits of Tracking Vet Office Equipment Before Seeing Patients


Any given day in a vet office is different. Of course, you have vet techs and vets see animals in exam rooms. But there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes as well.

Vets depend on their equipment to perform procedures and surgeries that improve pet life quality. Without tables, lighting, surgical equipment and more, they wouldn’t be able to help their patients with the various health issues animals can contract.

As an office manager, you’ve got to help make sure the equipment around the clinic is up to snuff. Tracking your vet assets will help you keep your clinic running smoothly and provide better quality service to all the critters that come through your doors.

Vets Can Work Without Spending Time Finding Assets

Vets and vet techs are constantly running around between patients. They have to bring a dog into the back for surgery prep, hop between rooms to talk to pet owners, and recommend any products. Vets are the ones conducting exams and performing procedures.

No one has time to search for missing equipment. Tracking your equipment means your technicians and providers will be able to find tools right away. If it isn’t where they expect, they can look up asset locations in your database and find it that way.

Tracking Vet Office Equipment Helps You Keep it Sanitized

Your providers need to use equipment for multiple animals. While there are some disposable tools, there are others that need to last for multiple uses. However, using tools without some form of sanitization is not acceptable. Diseases and bacteria can spread this way.

You can make sanitizing and cleaning part of the tracking process. Give your vet techs tasks to clean them between each visit. Make sure they don’t bring in anyone else before that process is done.

Maintenance Scheduling is Easier When You Have a Tracking Solution in Place

Tracking your clinic equipment usage also means you’ll be able to identify the slow times. These times are the best times to get maintenance done.

Maintaining your tools and assets is crucial to running a vet clinic. While some things like exam tables don’t really need maintenance, other tools like ultrasounds will need maintenance and check-ups. It’s probably best to do this outside of office hours. However, if any of your machines need to go into the shop, you can schedule that for when you’re less likely to need them.

While you can’t exactly predict what’s going to happen on any given day, you can schedule certain check-ups for times when you have the right assets to complete it.

Vet Office Equipment Purchase Management Originates From Informed Decisions

One benefit of tracking all of your vet equipment is that you know what’s being used and what’s not. When you know what your clinic needs, what’s going out, and what doesn’t need replacing, you have the information you need to purchase more equipment. That way, you won’t purchase things your clinic doesn’t need.

You might be looking at all of this and thinking “how can I create a tracking solution?”

The best tracking solution is one everyone at your clinic can use. Creating a system that works in this way means that everyone is involved in the tracking process, which means you get real-time updates as to what’s happening in your clinic.


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