Best Free Asset Management Software Delivers Better Customer Experience for Banks


Banking and finance organizations rely upon a large volume of fixed assets to provide their services. The best free asset management software for the banking and finance industry is customizable and flexible enough to allow these companies to track their assets any way they want throughout their respective lifecycles. Software products provide visibility into who is currently using an asset, where that asset is located, and what kind of condition that asset is in, along with additional details like maintenance history, warranty, and insurance information, and depreciation. Those assets also must be properly maintained and routinely updated. The failure to keep up with that service will inevitably result in slow systems, a decline in productivity, and potential security breaches.

Customer Experience is Everything

In addition to tracking and managing fixed assets like technology, for which banking and finance companies spend millions of dollars, these organizations likely are seeking a means to keep track of their client management efforts. In this competitive industry, “customer experience can make or break a business,” according to Andra Picincu in a March 2019 article for (“The Role of a Client Manager”).

Picincu cites a survey by Salesforce which found that 76 percent of buyers expect companies to understand their needs. Sixty-seven percent would pay more for a great experience. That’s especially true where customers’ life savings are involved. “Customer experience is often the deciding factor when it comes to banking,” says Senior Contributor Blake Morgan in an October 11, 2018 article (“10 Examples of Customer Experience Innovation in Banking”).

Centralize Your Clients' Data

The best free asset management software enables users to organize client data much like they would a fixed asset. It serves as a centralized hub for maintaining and tracking all of your clients’ information. How is that helpful? For starters, staff no longer have to search in multiple locations, make phone calls, and waste valuable time searching for the information they need. Clients’ information may previously have been stored in various files online or on paper, and hunting those files down can be incredibly frustrating. Banking and financial institutions often have to pull up information for a previous client for reference. By providing a single location for all files, employees can access that data in seconds and maintain productivity as well as client service. Depending upon the asset management software they use, financial institutions may be able to organize their data according to their preferences and select from customizable features – for example, the ability to add calculation fields and establish role-based security.

Additional Benefits

Banks and financial organizations that use the best free asset management software benefit from an array of other product capabilities, as well. Among them is the ability to set up customized notifications and alerts so that IT staff can stay on top of key updates and routine service and keep IT assets in good working order and maximize assets’ useful lives.

Asset Panda offers the best free asset management software on the market. Although it’s the most powerful platform in the world, its interface is intuitive and user-friendly, requiring no extensive training to master. All you need is a smartphone to track and manage your clients’ information and that of your fixed assets.


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