Case Study: Using Asset Panda to Track Tools and Equipment at Multiple Locations

Asset Panda the easiest, most intuitive mobile system to track and manage your tools and equipment. We will now show you a practical example of how Asset Panda is being used by construction and repair companies that have problems tracking tools, equipment and other fixed assets that are frequently deployed at multiple locations.


Asset Panda is a combination of a cloud-based system accessible via web and mobile apps with integrated barcode scanner function. What this means is anybody with a mobile phone can conduct audits or equipment searches in the field and that you do not need to purchase expensive dedicated barcode scanners. At the same time, the tool or equipment coordinator has full access to all of the data at a central location via our web system.
How does this work in practice? For example, a carpenter checking out a tool from the shop. Using Asset Panda’s app on his phone, the carpenter would search for the tool via barcode scanning, and with the check-out function, create a record that he now has possession of the tool. Upon arrival at his work location, he would scan the tool again, and record the new location. Thus, Asset Panda would track the tool, the user and the job site.
In another example, a carpenter is on a job and would like to locate a specific tool. Using his phone, he would search for the specific type of tool that he needs and find out its current location and the person that has checked it out. He would the make contact with the user and arrange a pick up. When doing the transfer, the tool would be scanned and recorded to its new user and its new location.
Asset Panda will also track repair assignments and history. Using the repair action button, a user can assign a tool to be repaired, the desired date for completion of the repair and assign another user to complete the repair. Then using the asset information email function, the assigned user can be notified of the asset details to find the tool and carry out the repair.
Asset Panda will also inventory the specifics of the tool. Cost, when purchased, serial number even user manuals, warranties, photos documenting the current condition and even videos and voice notes.
Finally, using the universal search feature, a user can search a job location or name to make sure all tools are checked in.
Asset Panda will help you save time, resources and money by helping you manage and keep track of your tools, equipment and information.

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