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So what’s the buzz about Asset Panda’s barcode equipment? Well, the buzz is that there is no barcode equipment! I know that has you now a bit confused – so let’s look at what barcode equipment can do for your business and the benefits of Asset Panda’s barcode feature.

Time and Cost Savings

Barcode scanners have come a long way. There is no longer a need for companies to order expensive, handheld scanners that are easily lost or broken. Today’s barcode equipment is fully functional to be used right from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that employees use daily out in the field. With one simple click and capture of a barcode, scanners can record all of the necessary and most up-to-date data on an asset for its entire lifecycle.

Real-Time Data Anytime, Anywhere

Another feature that the handheld scanners aren’t able to duplicate is the ability to use mobile apps to send data to asset tracking and management software. This allows all eligible users to access and maintain the data anytime, from anywhere, 24/7. Now, employees have relevant data about an asset including where it is, who has it, the check in/check out status, and a complete maintenance history. It’s all in the palm of your hand whenever you need it.


Convenience is one of the most appreciated features with today’s barcode equipment. Several asset tracking software programs have affiliated Android and/or iOS apps that include built-in barcode scanners, so there’s simply no need to purchase separate handheld scanners. That’s a huge cost savings in and of itself. But be sure that you check the particular program for hidden costs, such as subscriptions and other fees that may not be obvious and can be a not so pleasant surprise. And also be aware of how much data your program can actually hold. While it’s convenient to have these features, if they aren’t working with you in the way you need them to be, then the convenience factor is null and void.

Eliminates Inaccurate Data
Inaccurate data can be a complete hassle. With barcode equipment, you virtually eliminate the opportunity for inaccurate data and guesswork. The use of barcodes and scanners make it easy to access and transfer the right data by reducing the number of errors that come with manual data entry. Plus, if your asset track

Asset Panda took all of these factors to mind in creating the most powerful and easy-to-use platform for asset and inventory tracking and management. A big part of what makes Asset Panda such a robust asset tracking software is the ability to scan barcodes using mobile devices. Customers are not required to purchase any extra equipment or expensive hardware in order to track their fixed assets by using barcodes. Asset Panda’s asset tracking software can be used via mobile devices employees already carry, using free and unlimited downloads of Android/iOS mobile apps that sync with the cloud.

To upload new assets or make edits to assets already in the system, it’s as easy as using your own mobile phone or tablet and opening the app. Asset Panda is completely flexible and customizable, working the way you need it to. Users can set up custom fields, actions like notifications and alerts, link groups of data and generate reports. You can monitor check-in/check-out status, pull up lease/purchase, service contract and insurance information, review maintenance schedules, and even create work orders.

Because the apps sync with the cloud, you have the assurance that the data provided is both real-time and accurate – which helps prevent errors, penalties and wasted time and money. Try all of that with your current barcode equipment!

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Here’s a great example of how Asset Panda’s barcode equipment is making a positive impact on a behavioral inventory and support center and the students it serves.







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