Why Choose Cloud-Based Asset Management Software


In today’s business environment, you’ve probably heard the phrase “the cloud” being mentioned more frequently when it comes to IT and technology. Not surprisingly, there are many people who have no idea what “the cloud” is or what it does and how it is impacting the way people do business on a daily basis. The cloud is playing a very important role for companies who utilize asset management software to track their assets or inventory.

What is “the cloud” and a “cloud-based” system?

“The cloud” is a network of servers that have different functions such as running applications, storing data, or delivering a service.

Cloud-based is a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider's servers. Companies typically utilize cloud-based computing as a way to increase capacity, enhance functionality or add additional services on demand without having to commit to potentially expensive infrastructure costs or increase/train existing in-house support staff.

Cloud-based asset management software

Many organizations are looking for better ways to ensure their assets and inventory records are accurate and accounted for in order to eliminate waste, duplicate purchases, and ultimately maximize buying power and save money. Companies are relying on employees to think quickly and outside the box, making decisions based on real-time data.

Having instant access to this data is essential to a business’ success. A cloud-based asset management software system is allowing businesses of all sizes, across every industry to collect and analyze data on assets/inventory in real time and view it from virtually anywhere.

Business operations have changed drastically since the use of online spreadsheets to track assets. Most businesses today have more assets to manage per person, especially with the rapid increase of technology such as mobile devices and assets-on-the-go used both in and outside the workplace.

As companies are looking to do more with less, managers and their teams out in the field are requiring specialized reporting, customization, and features when it comes to asset tracking and reporting, and they need it on a moment’s notice. Asset management software that is hosted in the cloud allows businesses to manage assets without the cost and maintenance of owning a server and delivers immediate results.

Benefits of cloud-based asset management software

The benefits of implementing a cloud-based asset management software system offers companies a variety of benefits such as much more accurate tracking, efficient operations, financial accountability, and easy reporting. Additionally, many companies are finding that they:

  • Save time and money
  • Gather better information, which leads to better decision-making
  • Eliminate lost records
  • Have all information stored in one central location
  • Know everything you need to about your assets
  • All data is secure
  • Data is accessible
  • Asset management is no longer difficult

By keeping asset data in the cloud, important details about assets and inventory no longer fall through the cracks and employees are eliminating costly guesswork. Now the team knows what assets you have, where they are, and even their maintenance status at any given moment.

Built for the cloud in the cloud

Asset Panda is a cloud-based fixed asset management software solution. Asset Panda was built for the cloud in the cloud with only the cloud in mind. We leverage a powerful cloud-based platform tied to free mobile apps to deliver a start of the art, simple and secure way of managing your assets. Asset Panda operates with the simple premise that people would rather use the smartphones or tablets they are already carrying to manage and track their assets.

The apps are simple and easy to navigate allowing our clients to deploy them at every level inside and outside of the organization. With Asset Panda you have:

  • No training required
  • Central view of fixed assets
  • Highly configurable
  • Excellent reporting
  • Quick implementation
  • Easy for employees to learn/use
  • Affordable

Come see what our asset management software can offer your business with a free 14-day trial (no card required).

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