Does Your Company Track Assets? Now’s the Time to Start.

In the hustle and bustle of the everyday business world, we often get caught up in how much there is to do. Sometimes we lose sight of what’s important as we strive to make those sales goals or come in under budget. Thinking of how your company is going to track assets isn’t something employees typically ponder. But in reality, it’s one of the most important business decisions that can be made and can impact employees across the board.

Asset tracking provides real-time, accurate data on what a company owns, how an asset is used (or in some cases, not used), its maintenance/repair history and at the end of the day, its contribution to the bottom line.

A company’s assets such as computers, company vehicles, furniture, construction equipment, medical devices, etc. pass through multiple sets of hands. All of these assets have a job to do and they are important tools to those who use them and rely on them daily. What happens if a tool is lost or stolen? Or it isn’t maintained properly and has to unexpectedly go in for service? What if it can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced? Employees lose valuable time trying to find lost/missing assets or waiting for them to be fixed. Businesses spend valuable dollars repairing or replacing them unnecessarily.

Businesses of all sizes and across all industries have a need to track assets. Whether it’s one computer or multiple warehouses filled with construction equipment. The role that modern-day asset tracking and management software plays are proving to be invaluable to those who utilize it.

When you track assets, your organization has a real understanding of what they own, where assets are at any given time, how they are being used and what is necessary to make the asset a relevant part of the company’s success. When a company is aware of what assets they possess, guesswork goes out the window. And guessing in business is always a huge risk.

The features in today’s asset tracking software are pretty astounding. They can be customized to be as complex as you need them to be. From the moment an asset arrives on site, users can record and manage its entire lifecycle and record very valuable data that can impact how a company does business.

The process to track assets today is much more streamlined and easy to use and understand. Many programs are feature cloud-based systems that sync with mobile apps and come with a mobile barcode scanner that can be used with an employee’s own smartphone or tablet. From the palm of their hand, authorized users have round-the-clock access to relevant data on each of their company’s assets – from where it is, who has it, the check in/check out status, maintenance reports, and even financial data. Businesses have been able to reduce the number of duplicate purchases by confirming what has already been purchased through this real-time data that can be fully customized to a company’s individual reporting needs.

From a worker perspective, employees can take on more personal responsibility by being able to manage equipment, update licenses or software agreements, confirm inspections, add photos or videos, create alerts and so much more than ever before. Employees are also better able to use their time for their day-to-day jobs instead of looking for misplaced assets or trying to track down an item that isn’t where it’s supposed to be. The accountability factor goes way up when you start to track assets and companies are aware of what they have and how they are spending their money.

Asset Panda has designed a platform that’s far ahead of the competition when it comes to technology, flexibility, power, and ease of use. Based on free mobile apps that sync with the cloud, Asset Panda requires nothing but the smartphones and tablets employees already carry. No additional hardware or software is needed because the app includes a mobile barcode scanner. Add an unlimited number of users to your account at no additional charge, and take your pick of the features most relevant to your business. Asset Panda is totally customizable, from the custom dashboard to the fields, notifications, alerts and role- and location-based security settings. And it couldn’t be easier to use, requiring little or no training to master.

With Asset Panda, you have the freedom and flexibility to track assets exactly how you want. Learn more and give Asset Panda a free 14-day trial by visiting

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