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Regardless of whether you’re running a multinational corporation or a local nonprofit organization, you’re responsible for IT equipment. Computer asset tracking software can help you keep your equipment in top shape, maximize their lifespan, prevent theft or loss, increase accountability and, ultimately, save you both time and money.

Put yourself in the shoes of a laptop computer, if you will. That laptop is on the move, being transported from office to office, office to conference room, or from office to car to home. Your employees might carry their laptop computers on planes during business trips, at which point they’re transported to convention centers, hotel rooms and more. The risk of theft or loss is near-constant. In some cases, companies may be paying insurance for “ghost assets,” or assets that aren’t even in their inventory anymore due to theft or loss, but haven’t been reported as such.

From a maintenance standpoint, computers require software updates, occasional service and, ultimately, replacement. It’s extremely difficult to keep up with the respective schedules of every computer and piece of IT equipment. All too often, items fall through the cracks. A simple repair, if neglected, can turn into a major overhaul or worse.

There’s another pressing reason why tracking your computer assets is so critical: accounting and compliance. Inflation and depreciation of your fixed assets must be reported each year for tax purposes, and failure to do so can be costly.

Traditional asset tracking procedures have relied on Excel spreadsheets, which are subject to human error and oversight, as employees turn their attention to more immediate demands or change jobs. If you want to trust that your data is reliable, you need a platform that delivers real-time information whenever and however you need it.

Asset Panda was founded on the philosophy that clients should be able to track their assets any way they want. When we created the most powerful, simple asset tracking platform in the world, we built it to be completely customizable, so our clients are empowered with full control over how their data is displayed. They’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional cost, which encourages more communication, greater accountability and involvement from all stakeholders. There’s no more time wasted trying to hunt down lost assets. With Asset Panda, clients have instant access to such real-time information as check-in/check-out status and the condition of each asset. They can review an asset’s maintenance history and even schedule service. Custom notifications and alerts, electronic signature option, tracking by person, mobile audit/GPS tracking and custom role-based security are among the incredible array of features that promote greater accountability among your employees.

Best of all, to use this powerful platform, all that’s required are the mobile devices you and your employees already carry. No additional hardware or software and their associated licensing fees are needed; nor do you require a separate handheld mobile barcode scanner. Asset Panda is powered through free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud. Despite its extensive features offering, this platform is simple to use and requires no extensive training, though our customer service staff are at your fingertips if you have questions. You won’t find a more powerful, simple or cost-effective asset tracking system on the market.

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