Computer System Inventory Software Doesn’t Help First Responders

As a first responder, you don’t have time to mess around with computer system inventory software. You have to drop what you’re doing at a moment’s notice to respond to an emergency call and get to someone in dire need. Being tied to a specific computer at a particular location isn’t something you can afford.

But being out on the field all the time doesn’t mean that you don’t need to manage your inventory. Fire departments and EMS technicians need to know where their gear is at all times.

Mobile inventory management is required. The lives of countless others depend on you and your team being able to get what you need when you need it. Saving a few seconds can make the difference between someone being able to make it and someone passing away.

The Dangers of a Computer System Inventory Software

Most inventory systems that are tied to a specific computer require you to log in to that particular computer before you can access it. When you and your team could be called out onto the field at any moment, this isn’t an option.

You also need to know where your gear is stored at any time. Emergencies don’t happen at a specific time of day, which means you never know where you’ll be when they occur. Some departments have tried to get around this problem by always storing gear in the same place.

However, there are some instances when this isn’t possible. If you happen to be cleaning gear or doing an inventory check when an emergency comes in, there’s no guarantee that it will be where you expect. And when you need to leave immediately, this isn’t an option.

Mobile Inventory Software Works Well for First Responders

Compared to a computer system inventory software platform, mobile inventory tracking is a perfect fit for fire departments and EMS teams.

Anyone on your team can use their phone to find the gear they need to respond to a call within seconds. The less time it takes for you to get out the door and on the road gives the people you are helping a better fighting chance.

Mobile devices are also great to take along for inventory checks. Instead of moving equipment out of fleet vehicles, you can inspect them right where they are stored. This makes for less grunt work and also means that you only have to move items that need to be repaired.

Asset Panda recognizes the vital work that first responders do for people across the country. Our platform is an excellent solution for fire departments who need to be out in seconds. Each team can set up their system in an intuitive way, making it easy for them to pull out their app and find anything that isn’t where they expect.

Your portable inventory system can also notify you when it’s time to check up on your assets. You don’t have to set a reminder in your phone or write it down on a calendar. Having these reminders scheduled for you means that you can count on your equipment to continue working while you are out in the field helping people fight for their lives.

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