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The construction industry is constantly evolving. Companies are looking for better ways to get jobs completed faster, more efficiently, safer and under budget. There is always new equipment that needs to be purchased, rented, and shipped to sites locally or across a large geographic area. The challenge becomes how to keep track of every piece, where it is, what type of job it’s being used for, and its condition. Companies are realizing the importance of construction tracking software to keep up with all the different tool and equipment needs for every job.

Each construction site has its own specialized needs. The overall goal of the site manager is to ensure that teams have the right type and quantity of equipment to do the job. While at the same time, they are looking to keep all tools and equipment in good working order, maximize their lifespan, minimize theft and loss and keep costs under control.

When businesses in the construction industry don’t properly track and manage their assets, they risk not only losing out on thousands to millions of dollars a year but also dealing with a myriad of related issues such as:

  • Decreased efficiency
  • Equipment misallocation
  • Missing/stolen inventory
  • Unexpected equipment maintenance
  • Downtime costs
  • Compliance violations
  • Safety concerns

The Importance of Construction Asset Management Software

Construction tracking software takes the stress and guesswork out of these processes, centralizing data in one convenient location that all parties can access. By having all data in one place, users have the same information about equipment and are accurately informed about each individual asset’s status so there is never a question about where an item is or if it’s in working order. The right construction tracking software can help you keep an eye on where your budget money is going, figure out what parts of your inventory are getting the most use (or not being used enough), and increase overall efficiency.

Relying on outdated processes such as ledgers or spreadsheets are not only prone to human error, but they are also labor-intensive and costly. Working with these types of processes will certainly lead to faulty maintenance, theft, misplacement, and therefore massive net losses. Just as construction equipment evolves and changes, companies need to take that same approach and consider construction tracking software instead of the old tried and true “we’ve always done it this way” approach.

There are some great benefits of using construction tracking software to consider such as:

  • Improve asset allocation
  • Locate assets by job site and user
  • Streamline equipment inspections, calibrations, and preventive maintenance
  • Ensure equipment and crew compliance
  • Equipment and tools preservation and retention
  • Eliminate project interruptions due to mismanagement of equipment, materials, and consumables
  • Improve efficiency, accuracy, and accountability across your entire company
  • Save money and time by knowing where and when to cut costs and losses
  • Run audits easily and consistently

Asset Panda's Construction Asset Tracking Software

Asset Panda provides a flexible and reliable platform to track, manage, and support your construction equipment. It adapts to the way you work, allowing you to customize the system, however, is best for your business. It is a cloud-based software platform that syncs with free mobile apps, giving users the freedom to access all of your assets at any time, from anywhere. With Asset Panda every account is a premium account and every feature comes standard. Enjoy unlimited flexibility, unlimited users, unlimited mobile app downloads, and unlimited locations.

Asset Panda user VerHalen Inc. is an integrated construction and design company that specializes in framing, drywall, acoustical ceilings, interior design, and commercial furniture. They house assets in two warehouses in two different cities that are constantly moving. Thanks to Asset Panda, they have saved a number of issues like employee accountability, asset location, check-in/check-out, cost reduction, employee time savings, and more. Read on to see what they have experienced thus far with Asset Panda:

“Being in the construction industry, we as a company face many challenges when it comes to managing and keeping up with our assets. Before Asset Panda, we had a huge book that we would hand write all of our data in. There were tons of problems with this method such as handwriting that wasn’t legible, not being able to find the entry in the large book, people changing dates and so much more. We didn’t know what employees were assigned which tools or how many tools were at a specific job site. Expensive pieces of equipment were constantly lost or misplaced which led to spending money unnecessarily on replacing equipment. Employees were wasting time searching for assets that should have been easy to locate. Bottom line is that there was no accountability.

 That all changed when we added Asset Panda to our arsenal of management tools – it has absolutely changed the way we work. With Asset Panda, we are now able to hold people accountable for lost equipment. No matter where we are in the state, we can pull up the app and see where all of our assets are located. We can see how many tools are at a job site and what employee has what. If a tool needs to be used at a different job site, we can simply look on Asset Panda to see where that specific tool is and easily retrieve it. Asset Panda has been revolutionary to the way we manage our assets.”

Construction companies who’d like to avoid all the problems and benefit from the perks of an asset tracking and management solution will get what they’re looking for with Asset Panda. Learn why Asset Panda is one of the highest-rated asset management software today by getting your free demo (no credit card required)!


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