Designate Items That Go with the Kids

Providing Security for Children in Divorcing Homes

A number of trends have been developing in family law to address the various inequities currently in the system. Most of these inequities in family law end up affecting one set of participants the most: children. Sadly, family law matters tend to bring out the worst in people. Parents, grandparents, and guardians bicker and fight. They use the children like property, moving them around to get the best advantage they can.

All of this is quite traumatic for children. In fact, Child Protective Services notes that over 87 percent of children in homes with divorced parents feel insecure and frightened by the arguments. The fault sometimes lies with one parent in particular or with multiple individuals, but either way, the result can seem terrifying to a child. What makes it even worse is when the parents and the guardians start fighting about where the belongings are going to go. When a family is splitting apart, it's not uncommon for children to cling to certain physical possessions. And surprisingly, these possessions are not necessarily even children related objects.

One of the most important things that parents can do when going through a divorce is make sure that their kids are properly cared for. Most parents actually do want that. The problem is that emotions run high, and these can cloud the situation. When in the middle of a courtroom battle, it's easy to forget that certain items might help to make the transition into this new phase of life better for the children than just assuming that they will adapt. While children can adapt better than some adults, it is important to make sure that they have a sense of security and that there are things that they can cling to. Making sure that certain items are designated to go with the kids so that they will have that sense of home while everything else is changing can make a great difference.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through using an inventory software program. Asset Panda makes it very easy to go through and inventory the various items that your kids cling to and that they are likely to feel secure when they are around. Nothing will really make them feel completely better if there's a lot of fighting and yelling, but having their favorite chair, blankets, and stuffed animals can help keep this from being as frightening.

Conduct This Designation Before Things Get Bad

The best way to prepare for these sorts of things is to do it before things go bad. When you go through your home with the inventory software, you can use it to determine what you own. In the Notes section, you can make note of the specific things that need to go with each child. This way, if anything happens to you or your marriage, the executor or the attorney will know what property needs to stay with the children. During a courtroom battle, the fact that this is already done will keep you and your significant other from arguing about the effect on the children. Using online inventory software to regularly update the assets that you own is a good precaution anyway, and if you take the time to note what your kids are most attached to when you update your general assets, you will ensure that they are better protected.

It's important to think about this from the perspective of a child. Children tend to attach themselves to things that represent security. Look to the things that your kids are using when they are scared. Do they wrap up in particular blankets? Do they tend to sit in certain chairs? What are their favorite stuffed animals? Make sure to note these things when you upload the information into Asset Panda. It won't make everything better for your kids, but it can go a long way toward making sure that they have the things that make them feel safer.


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