Is There Really a Need for Education Asset Tracking?

When you enter a classroom – whether it’s a preschool or a college campus – the last thing you probably think about is how many assets there are. But take a moment and think about all the items contained in that room. Computers. Printers. Software. Teaching tools. Even pencils and paper. All of these are assets that have a monetary cost associated with them. As a student, asset tracking isn’t top of mind, but for administrators and those responsible for the smart spending of valuable dollars, education asset tracking is a very important task.

Today’s schools are more technology driven and so are the students. It’s not uncommon to see elementary students working on tablets in class and having homework that involves computers. For college students, gone are the days of going to the university library to work on a computer. You can’t walk into a classroom without seeing students working furiously on a laptop or tablet. As schools invest in these items, they also take on the burden of these items being lost or damaged. They need to be maintained and upgraded from time to time. And eventually, as new technology comes into play, items are taken out of the rotation and new assets take their place.

The technology of teaching and learning has definitely evolved from paper and chalkboards. Schools are investing thousands of dollars into expensive equipment to keep up with evolving technology. It’s critical that schools are able to account for those assets and know where they are, who has them and the condition they are in. 60% of the average budget allocation goes towards instructional expenditures such as classroom supplies, extracurricular equipment (uniforms, athletic equipment) – and then there are the maintenance and replacement costs associated with these items. It all adds up. And in an industry where every dollar counts, education asset tracking is key.

Asset tracking and management platforms have revolutionized the way that schools track each and every education asset. Thanks to accurate reporting and up-to-date data, administrators know how many items they have, where every one of them is, who has them and when those items will be returned. They are also armed with the knowledge of when an item is due for maintenance and can create notifications and alerts to keep everyone on task so that no items are left unattended and are up to par.

Asset Panda is giving educators and administrators a simple, yet powerful tool to track the location and condition of every asset used for educational purposes. With Asset Panda’s free Android and iOS apps that sync with the cloud, assets can be instantly scanned using mobile devices that teachers/administrators already carry. No additional hardware or software is needed with Asset Panda; the entire lifecycle of every one of your vital assets lives in the palm of your hand. Asset Panda’s tracking platform is completely flexible and customizable, meaning you choose how to categorize and organize all of your assets. With Asset Panda, you’re entitled to multiple users, each with secure access, and without an additional fee.

Schedule maintenance or issue work orders for assets through Asset Panda’s enterprise service desk. Create reports for insurance, audits, losses and more. Asset Panda improves the integrity of your data and eliminates guesswork from repair and replacement decisions, saving everyone time, frustration and money. Administrators are able to make more informed decisions about where their budget should be allocated.

When all stakeholders are brought into the communication loop, accountability and better resource management are the results. Asset Panda has many schools who are utilizing our platform to track every education asset. Check out how one school district was searching for an asset tracking software that not only tracked their most vital assets but could also be configured to be a more cost-effective library system. Asset Panda delivered for them and can do the same for you. Get started today by visiting and sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Audra London

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