Employing Asset Panda for Your Preventative Maintenance Database

It’s never a good thing when equipment breaks down or is taken out of service for unexpected maintenance. When companies don’t properly maintain their equipment, it’s more than just the equipment that has a problem. It also creates a backlog of work or can even bring work to a halt for employees. By employing a preventative maintenance database, companies have a greater chance of having reliable equipment readily available and employees are able to do their job.


"Your preventative maintenance database can keep users aware of potential warning signs that an asset may be due for an upgrade or needs to go in for maintenance."


In a perfect world, when it comes to preventative maintenance your dream software platform would enable you to:
  • set up reminders that equipment needed to go in for scheduled maintenance
  • receive automatic reminders for your service and create work orders
  • centralize your data in one location and eliminate manual recordkeeping or unreliable electronic spreadsheets that were filled with errors.
  • provide the location(s) of all of your equipment no matter where it was in the world
  • track the depreciation of your equipment, so you could provide those figures for your accounting and compliance teams with confidence
  • save all of your employees the time and frustration from lost, broken or unusable equipment that leads to lost time and revenue

Those goals are no longer unobtainable. The advances in today’s asset tracking and maintenance platforms enable users to do those exact tasks and so much more.

One of the most important aspects of preventative maintenance is keeping track of a variety of information. You need to know how long you can expect your equipment to keep operating, how often it is used, who is using it most often and for what type of projects, what sorts of problems specific tools or pieces of equipment are prone to, and a full detailed maintenance record.

Many companies are also realizing that knowing the life expectancy for their assets is important when it comes time to budget for the next year or conduct audits on how the company is performing and what can take them to the next level. A properly maintained preventative maintenance database can provide that necessary insight as to if assets are lasting as long as they are supposed to, or if they are simply dead weight and a waste of money.

Unfortunately, some assets are more prone to frequent repairs or a shorter usage time. Your preventative maintenance database can keep users aware of potential warning signs that an asset may be due for an upgrade or needs to go in for maintenance. If this becomes a recurring issue, it can also aid in looking for an alternative tool that may last longer or be able to handle the wear and tear that it needs to take on.

Asset Panda is a powerful and intuitive asset tracking platform that delivers on all counts. Our free mobile apps eliminate the need for additional hardware to track and manage your assets and that includes incorporating a preventative maintenance database. And it couldn’t be more simple to use. All you need is a smartphone or tablet you already carry. Our iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, which means data is always in real time. From the palm of your hand, you have instant access to an asset’s exact location, condition, value, check-in/check-out status, insurance policy and warranty information, lease/purchase details, and so much more.

Our software is designed to be flexible, so it can work around your needs. Since our data is stored in the cloud, you can work on asset records at any time from any location. Instead of dedicating a lot of time to system migration, you and your employees can spend a little bit of time each day updating asset records, including a fluid preventative maintenance database.

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