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The Importance of Asset Management for Your Equipment

It’s essential to know everything you can about your assets to get the most value from them. Nowhere is this more important than in equipment asset maintenance and the equipment asset management software to keep track of those assets. When everyone in your organization has quick and easy access to the information they need, the chances are that they can all work smarter.

With aging equipment and organizations not putting enough emphasis on adding financial backing to new equipment, it's even more important for companies to keep a close eye on their fixed assets. Equipment Asset management software is a key resource for companies looking to utilize the most convenient way to track their tools and equipment for their business to run successfully.

Most companies do have some sort of equipment asset management in place. However, the problem with most equipment management systems and equipment management methods is when equipment is used, moved, or taken away for off-site service by contractors or internal employees, there is no way of knowing which equipment comes from which facility, when it was taken or why?

Tracking general-use equipment, employee-assigned equipment, and consumables is a tedious but vital job. Employing a system capable of streamlining your tracking processes, whether at a warehouse, job site, or the home office is fundamental to ensuring accurate data gathering.

Asset Panda's Equipment and Asset Management Software

Keeping track of every piece of equipment, additional materials, and/or consumables will improve accountability across your organization, reduce excess purchases, reduce paperwork, eliminate manual tracking that is prone to error, and improve maintenance accuracy.

By having a clear picture of every asset along with their location, user, and maintenance status, your organization will be able to see the efficiency of allocated resources.

Thanks to Asset Panda's maintenance tracking software, the ability to tap into equipment’s asset maintenance schedules and history is quick and easy.

Making the transition to Asset Panda’s cloud-based software and mobile app system saves your company and employees both time and money. And you can implement our system quickly, which allows you to get back to your job.

The features of Asset Panda’s equipment asset management software:

  • A comprehensive directory of all your vital equipment
  • Look up the complete history of the equipment
  • Track assets by the vendor
  • Check-in/out – you know where your assets are at any time
  • Notify technicians of lease expiration dates
  • Schedule routine maintenance
  • You don't need additional hardware/software – use the mobile devices you already carry

Streamline Equipment Management with Asset Panda

With Asset Panda’s equipment asset management software, you can keep up-to-date with the status of each piece of equipment. This system for inventory control can help you track purchase values and replacement costs.

From here, you can make smart decisions when comparing the cost of replacement to that of maintenance. Additionally, you can add photo entries to compare the quality of your equipment to its original state once you get it back.

The average company saves 2-5% of the total value of their assets annually by using Asset Panda.

By using Asset Panda, you can require your employees to scan all the equipment proving that they were there and checked out all the equipment.

Asset Panda uses the GPS function of the mobile device along with photographs to pull the exact date, time, and location of where the asset was photographed, giving you all the proof you need that the contractor was on site when they said they were. Also, you get the added benefit of a visual confirmation that your contractor completed the work.

Also, Asset Panda works as a scheduler, providing custom alerts, calendars, and charts to help schedule the service for future updates when the next service becomes due.

In addition, Asset Panda helps you keep track of where each item is or was located, its type, what size it is, and build a service history for each piece of equipment for auditing purposes. You can even create and manage work orders against equipment maintenance.

Once everything has been appropriately tagged and tracked, the possibility of loss decreases and allows your organization to evaluate the use of all consumables, materials, and equipment.

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