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It seems like these days there is an app for everything. Do you want to book a vacation? There’s an app for that. Looking for the hottest French restaurant in town? There’s an app for that. Want to help your kindergartener with her ABC’s? There’s an app for that. You want to find a better way to track and manage your equipment and inventory assets? Why yes … there’s even an equipment inventory app for that!

We are bombarded with different apps to help with everyday tasks. Some are easy to understand and can be implemented right away, while others take some time to learn and integrate into daily operations. Chances are you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how an app works. Now that the task of tracking assets and inventory is becoming more integral in everyday operations, it’s important to look at the different options available and the types of apps associated with the different platforms that fit specifically with your business needs.


"Mobility is also playing a key factor as more and more employees work remotely and don’t have a standard office desk they work from every day."


Because of today’s quick business pace and an increasing awareness of what your competitor is doing, it’s more important than ever that businesses manage, control, and track their equipment inventory at all times, from anywhere. Mobility is also playing a key factor as more and more employees work remotely and don’t have a standard office desk they work from every day. Employees rely on equipment for their everyday tasks. They need to know where their essential equipment is, who has it, when it was checked out and when it’s due back, and it’s repair/maintenance status.

The days of manually entering, tracking, and counting inventory is no longer feasible. That’s why asset and inventory tracking and management platforms have come to the forefront and an affiliated equipment inventory app is just as important.

Take a quick assessment

In looking for an equipment inventory app, you take a good look at your business and exactly what you need to track, how important certain features are to you, and how you want to view your data.

Here are some factors you should consider as you begin your search:
  1. How many users will need access to the app? Some programs charge by the user, while others give you an unlimited amount.
  2. How much equipment in your inventory are you tracking? Take into consideration what you have now and what the future holds as well. Can the selected equipment inventory app grow your business and your inventory grows?
  3. Can you easily migrate your current inventory data into a new system/app? You DO NOT want to manually re-enter all your current data into a new program. And you want to be sure your new choice has plenty of space available to continue adding data. And keep in mind that if you are having to manually enter data, you are wasting valuable employee time!
  4. What’s your budget? The prices for asset tracking platforms have a wide range. Consider the included features of each software program. Do you have to keep adding features that have an additional cost? Make sure you are getting a true ROI on the tracking system you go with – both financially and in employee time to learn and implement the software.
  5. Does the equipment inventory app work with your selected mobile device? Most apps work with iOS or Android platforms, so you are pretty safe there. But make sure that all of your existing equipment is up to date so that the download of the new program works at the most optimal rate.

By knowing exactly what you need to run your business successfully in terms of asset and equipment tracking, along with a budget and important features, you’ll be prepared to hone in on the perfect equipment inventory app for your business.

The number 1 mobile app and cloud-based asset-tracking platform in the world, Asset Panda has helped people across the globe manage millions of assets by closing the loop between departments – accounting, operations, production, IT, and help desk solutions. Key features of Asset Panda include:
  • Control over assets/inventory with the integrated asset management system that combines the use of Asset Panda’s iOS or Android app, the cloud, and scanning using a built-in mobile barcode scanner utilizing employees own mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Appropriate for schools, service companies, churches, government, healthcare, education, public safety, hospitality, e-commerce, retail, and more
  • Replace spreadsheets, but import data back to Excel if needed
  • Variety of integrations with other software programs

And best of all, Asset Panda is easy to use. Check out this quick video on how to add an asset into Asset Panda’s mobile app. Employees won’t spend hours of time trying to figure Asset Panda out and can start using the equipment inventory app almost immediately.

Asset Panda seeks “to help the world organize and manage everything they own.” Let us get you on the path to equipment inventory management success with a free 14-day trial at


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