Equipment Maintenance Tracking Software Helps You Manage Your Assets Wisely

Taking care of the equipment you need to run your facility can feel overwhelming. You have to make sure your employees know how to operate the equipment, know the location of a specific machine, prepare for audits, and meet safety requirements. Operations only run as smoothly as the equipment used to carry them out, and if that equipment breaks down, your work flow is seriously hampered.

With the right system, you can prevent a lot of problems that come from maintaining a fleet of vehicles and machines. Many companies use a type of equipment maintenance tracking software called a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to store information about their maintenance operations. This forgoes keeping error-prone manual records in favor of electronic records accessible to all employees. Using a CMMS also helps companies take a more proactive approach (performing preventative maintenance) instead of a reactive one (only fixing equipment when something breaks).

CMMS aims to give users insight into their maintenance needs with accurate inventory records, work order schedules and requests, and access to reports on each piece of equipment. All of this information helps managers make informed decisions on the best ways to upkeep their fleet.

A CMMS can streamline many areas:

Work Efficiency

Maintenance software can connect to mobile devices, allowing technicians and workers to access up to date information, check inventory, and put in work orders while they are in the field. The software also eliminates the need for paperwork, and the time spent rifling through filing cabinets trying to find the right work order.

Scheduling Tasks

Your team needs a reliable work calendar to ensure they schedule preventative maintenance before it's too late. The right equipment maintenance tracking software sends reminder to the right people to make sure tasks are done on time and not forgotten.

Work Orders

A CMMS allows you to schedule and assign work orders with ease. Maintenance managers can choose problematic equipment, describe the issues it's having, and assign a technician to work on the problem. Once fixed, the technician can mark the work order as complete, and the manager is notified. The system also keeps track of all work orders associated with a piece of equipment, so workers can know what sorts of issues it is prone to experience.

Safety and Regulation

You need to know what permits and regulations are required to run your fleet. Many CMMS systems can easily track what licenses are required to operate specific machinery, an asset's maintenance history, insurance claims, and regulations necessary to observe during operation. A proper system will ensure your employees know how to comply with regulatory standards, and what to change when those standards aren't being met. When you're up against a surprise audit or inspection, you won't have to worry about passing or facing penalties for not being up to par.

Manage Inventory

You have a lot of assets to keep track of. Without a proper system in place, it can be daunting to know where a specific piece of equipment is or what state it is in. Your asset tracking system will tell you exactly where you can find the right machine for the job, its history of repairs, and where to find supplies like grease and oil to fix a squeaky wheel.

Asset Panda's equipment maintenance tracking software works like a CMMS to help you prevent equipment failure. With our software, you can automate inspection and maintenance schedules and prevent expensive maintenance problems and repairs.  You can also set notices and milestones for maintenance dates, calibration deadlines, warranty expiration and more to ensure you get the most out of your equipment. Our easy to use platform stores your information in the cloud and takes advantage of the mobile devices your employees already carry with them, making it easy for them to update and access vital maintenance information when they need it.

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