An Equipment Management App Benefits Busy Vet Offices


An equipment management app is a smart investment for any veterinary practice. A typical veterinary office houses a wide variety of tools and equipment to ensure the highest quality of pet care. From ultrasound equipment, defibrillators, electrosurgical units, and x-ray imaging machines to IV pumps, anesthesia machines, lighting and more. Busy veterinary offices have to keep up with the maintenance of these fixed assets to avoid malfunction, costly repairs and, most importantly, avoid delay of service for their patients.

 As the focus on disease prevention or preventive care continues to grow for our pets, many vet offices are purchasing additional diagnostic equipment for their practice. A September 2018 article in Veterinary Practice News references a report from Modor Intelligence that states that the global veterinary diagnostics market accounts for 22% of the entire veterinary market. The report also predicts a 55% increase in the diagnostics market by 2022. This means that diagnostic equipment is expected to be in higher demand. Practices that incorporate this equipment may benefit from the ability to diagnose conditions earlier, obtain answers faster, and even correspond with peers throughout the world to seek opinions on various cases, and ultimately generate more business for the practice through the delivery of better patient outcomes.

Streamlined Equipment Management

The increase in equipment inventory means that proper maintenance and routine updates are paramount. Attempting to track and manage the maintenance of equipment with manual processes is simply too difficult and prone to errors. Manually entering data into an Excel spreadsheet often results in typos, oversight and other gaps in record-keeping also are common. Staff may resort to guesswork when trying to determine the last time an item was serviced. Or they may forget altogether. Expensive, rush-ordered repairs, frantic searches for replacement equipment, and frustrating delays can all be a result of a disorganized system.

Asset Panda's equipment management app allows staff to outsource maintenance schedules and all of the data associated with each piece of medical equipment. An item’s complete maintenance history, along with its exact location and condition, are stored in the app. Staff may also pull up an item’s lease/purchase information, insurance policy, warranty, and depreciation for accounting purposes. They can create work orders and even set up customized notifications and alerts so they never miss key maintenance and updates. With better equipment management protocol, veterinary offices maximize the lifespan of their investments, keep them running at optimal levels, and continue to deliver the level of service that patients and families are accustomed to.

Busy veterinary offices require an equipment management app that’s simple and intuitive. Asset Panda’s free mobile app syncs with the cloud for real-time data delivery. With a built-in mobile scanner, the app requires no additional hardware to use – only the smartphone or tablet you already carry. This is a solution that closes the communication gap among your staff and increases accountability and accuracy across the board.


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