Equipment Tracking Systems Keep Oil & Gas Companies Running Smoothly

The oil and gas industry presents one of the most compelling case studies for why equipment tracking systems are so vital. If work comes to a halt for any reason, the loss of time and money can have catastrophic consequences. As companies grow and expand operations, it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor logistics across a vast area. That’s why companies have to have a real-time way to connect the dots. They need a solid understanding of the equipment needed for every job and a way to maximize their existing resources, so that equipment doesn’t sit idle at one location while another location is in need. And they need a means to monitor the movement of equipment to onshore and offshore locations – all while keeping costs under control.
Equipment also must be maintained, not just to keep it in good running order, but far more important, to help keep workers safe, which lowers your insurance costs. Equipment tracking systems store data for every piece of equipment and help companies stay on top of maintenance schedules. If you’re renting equipment, your system can schedule and remind you about equipment returns. A good tracking system also staves off equipment theft and equipment misuse. And when there’s impending bad weather, equipment tracking systems empower companies to locate their assets quickly to protect and/or recover them, if necessary. If you have to spend hours hunting down lost assets, you’re losing money.
Finally, equipment tracking systems provide a means for companies to stay in touch with their remote field workers so that their needs and/or any issues that arise can be addressed as quickly as possible without disruption to operations. When everything’s moving along according to schedule, your reputation for customer service remains intact.
You might be surprised to learn that, despite the complexity of these tasks, it’s possible to perform all of these functions using only your smartphone. Asset Panda may not be the only company to serve up an equipment tracking system on a mobile platform. But we’ve got what is unarguably the most powerful, yet simple to use platform in the world. Given that oil and gas operations involve a multitude of parties with varying needs and different levels of technological know-how, you need a solution that’s intuitive, yet flexible enough for your company -- today and well into the future.
With Asset Panda, you get just that. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner, effectively eliminating the need for any additional hardware, software or expensive software licenses. All you need to track the entire lifecycle of your vital equipment and assets is the smartphone or tablet you already carry. Our philosophy is two-fold: First, we believe that clients should be able to track their assets any way they want. That’s why Asset Panda is completely flexible and customizable, with a robust features offering. We also believe that your asset tracking efforts are only successful if you can loop every one of your stakeholders into the conversation. For that reason, we don’t place a cap on the number of users to which clients are entitled; add as many as you’d like at no additional charge. Asset Panda connects your field workers, your office staff, and the warehouse to encourage accuracy and accountability throughout your entire organization. You’ll reduce theft and loss, save immeasurable time, lower costs, keep your equipment in good working order, and allocate your resources wisely while continuing to provide excellent customer service.

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