Fire Department Equipment Software Curbs Waste, Delivers Peace of Mind

Why should fire department equipment software be an urgent priority? The stakes are much higher when firefighters don’t have access to vital equipment, or when their equipment breaks down. Firefighters must track all of their equipment and tools to ensure everything is in good working order, that they know what they have and where it’s located. Lives depend on it.

Fire departments face other challenges related to their equipment tracking and maintenance, all of which fire department equipment software can address. First, in an effort to stay prepared for emergencies, fire departments often stock up on important items. In reality, however, they may never end up using those items, therefore resulting in waste that impacts their bottom line. Second, every piece of medical equipment they carry typically carries an expiration date. A reliable and accurate tracking system enables firefighters and EMS personnel to ensure that they’re not carrying expired equipment. Finally, fire department equipment software helps fire departments curb the serious problem of lost and stolen equipment and tools, which can be a drain on their financial resources.

Like any organization, your local fire department is busy and probably doesn’t have the time to manage equipment through a manual process. Excel spreadsheets are highly unreliable and error-prone, making fire department equipment software a much more reliable option. The mobile nature of a firefighter’s job makes cloud-based technology a very compelling option for tracking assets. Firefighters need a way to access their asset information anytime and from anywhere, track quantities, keep up with maintenance and schedule service. Their jobs have them constantly on the go, so they need a platform that connects everyone involved in the lifecycle of their vital assets. When all stakeholders are in the communication loop, both accountability and accuracy remain high. The best software products allow firefighters to create work orders, issue reports, eliminate duplicate data and information gaps. Because firefighters have enough equipment to keep up with already, their tracking systems should be as streamlined as possible and enable them to access their data without the need for additional hardware. Their tracking platforms also should be intuitive, simple to use, adaptive and scalable.

With barcode technology, firefighters can quickly track and manage their equipment and tools, conduct inventories and check the availability of items, whether they’re at the fire station or in a vehicle. They can set up alerts to remind them of maintenance deadlines; determine the exact location of any item, including its GPS coordinates; check quantities and make more informed decisions about inventory needs. The efficiencies fire departments stand to gain through this technology, working in conjunction with fire department equipment software, are significant and allow them to maximize the lifespan of their vital equipment and tools.

Asset Panda’s free mobile apps, available both on iOS and Android phones and tablets, sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner, so everything firefighters need to track and manage their assets is as near as their mobile devices. This easy-to-use, yet powerful platform is completely customizable and flexible and provides 24/7 access to real-time data. Asset Panda allows firefighters and EMS personnel to focus on their lifesaving work without having to question the whereabouts or condition of the equipment and tools on which they depend.

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