Fixed Asset Software and Personnel Management

When you’re looking for a solution to personnel management, fixed asset software probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. And yet, the principles associated with personnel management are similar to asset management.

The Link Between Personnel Management, Asset Tracking

Large organizations need to know where staff members are based, just as they do their fixed assets and equipment. For example, as a project manager, you begin your project by determining  the tools and equipment you need to do the job and calculate the personnel you need to complete your assignment.

Of course, we’re not just talking about any personnel. You’re looking for those who have the necessary skill sets, certification, training and expertise. Perhaps you anticipate that your needs will increase over the course of the project, meaning that you’ll likely need more personnel to get the job done. The coordination of equipment and staff determines in large part whether you’re going to be successful. Additionally, fixed asset software can aid personnel management by tracking compensation, performance and more. The software serves as a centralized database for maintaining personnel-related data. Eliminating information gaps, mistakes and guesswork are among an organization’s objectives.


The health care industry uses personnel management very often. While some organizations rely on fixed asset software to perform that function, not everyone is fortunate enough to have discovered that option early on. Physicians, nurses and other staff face frequent emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances, and time is of the essence. Fixed asset software can be a life-saver in those settings. Staff members don’t have to waste time on the phone or running around the floor trying to hunt down personnel (or equipment, for that matter). Personnel tracking and management promotes workflow efficiency, better task distribution, improved patient flow and smarter allocation of staff resources.

Now, let’s consider the application of fixed asset software for personnel management within the education sector. The software offers significant benefits for efficient oversight at the individual and district levels. Similarly, administrators can examine personnel data at the individual or organization-wide levels. Fixed asset software helps properly manage their human resources and make more informed budgetary decisions, including positions they anticipate adding in the future.

Personnel Management is Just the Beginning

Personnel management is just one aspect of what fixed asset software can do for schools. The responsibility and management of fixed assets are vitally important in the classroom. With the average cost to run a high school ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $23,000 per student, schools must keep a close eye on their fixed assets. Equipment that isn’t routinely serviced can break down, and expensive repairs will create a big dent in the budget. Loss and theft also are pretty common. In fact, lost or stolen assets on average can cost a school system nearly $250,000 a year, including nearly $80,000 a year in technology equipment alone. In short, schools can’t afford to be negligent about the tracking and management of their fixed assets and equipment.

Asset Panda’s fixed asset software is powered by a free mobile app that syncs with the cloud and includes a mobile barcode scanner. That eliminates the need for additional hardware, so all you need to track and manage the entire lifecycle of your personnel, fixed assets and equipment is the smartphone or tablet you already carry. Add as many users as you’d like at no additional charge, and track your assets any way you want through our completely customizable, intuitive platform.

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