Fixed Asset Tracking Platform

Asset tracking is changing and Asset Panda is at the forefront of it.  The old way of working had many different systems dealing with Assets for a particular purpose such as accounting, facilities, operations, audit, support, purchase orders etc...  These systems rarely spoke to each other and the people trained to use one system were not trained on the others. The result is redundant work with different information which equals bad data and increased costs.  The new paradigm is to use one tool, Asset Panda, to handle your assets as it relates to each of the people responsible for their specific use as a fixed asset tracking platform.  For example, the accounting department needs to do a fixed asset audit once per year.  The data from the audit is the most accurate record the company has typically.  Fred from facilities needs to know everything in Building A and provide his employees an easy way to checking out the asset and then request support when needed.  In this case, Fred's employee simply checks the asset out in Asset Panda and when something goes wrong and he needs help he just pulls the asset up in Asset Panda and requests a repair.  The item goes to repair and it is determined that the equipment cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced.  The item is then retired in Asset Panda and the accounting team has that information about the asset so they are no longer paying for insurance and property taxes on it. The employee can then request replacement equipment all in Asset Panda.

The efficiency is obvious for the worker and the business.  Keep in mind you can replace multiple systems with Asset Panda simply by configuring the tool to mirror your processes.  Everything in the system is safe and secure and there is little to know user training required.

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Rex Kurzius

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